Salmon Avocado Salad

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Salmon Avocado SaladI’ve been inspired by all manner of canned fish lately.  I have just gotten to know sardines, for instance.  This was a can of Sockeye Salmon – Red Salmon, the can said, that I splurged on.  It was definitely a deeper red color and more flavorful than the less expensive canned salmon.  This can was about $8, but we got two delicious and healthy meals out of it.

1 can red salmon
2 Tablespoons (or so) mayonnaise
1/8  Cup finely chopped onion
1/4 Cup finely chopped red or orange pepper
S+P to taste

Can be served on 1/2 avocado for a grain-free meal.  Could also be nice on crackers, as lettuce/cabbage wraps, or toast.

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Black Quinoa Layered Salad

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Food - Black QuinoaDinner last night was on my own.  I wanted to use the leftovers:  cooked black quinoa and  roasted beets.  I had fresh asparagus, orange peppers, portabella mushrooms and onions as well as good greens.  So I sautéed the fresh veggies with olive oil and a little seasoning from Penzeys called Fox Point Seasoning (thank you, Audrey!)  I also added some garlic powder.  While that was going I washed and chopped up the greens.  I put those in the bottom of the bowl with the cold quinoa on top.  Then the hot veggies in a layer with the beets on top.  A little olive oil and seasoned vinegar over it all pulled it together.  I was wowed at how outstanding this was!

Any additional protein?  Well, don’t fret because first of all this salad is packed with protein, especially from the quinoa.  But oddly, lately I like canned salmon right out of the can!  Since I was on my own and feeding that to my dogs anyway, I snitched some from them to have on the side with this gorgeous salad.  Weird, I know, but note that most canned salmon is wild Alaskan, very inexpensive, and tasty!

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Salmon Cakes Made Simple

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Food - Salmon Cakes 2

These are so easy they are my go-to meal for dinner when I just don’t know what to make.  Try it!  Canned salmon is often the healthiest and cheapest form of the fish.  I get mine for $2.49 a can and it’s wild Alaskan salmon!

Food - Salmon Cakes 1First, open the salmon, you can open as many cans as you like.  I usually make 2 which allows for leftovers the next day.  Talk about a slam-dunk on being paid back for my time investment here!  Drain the fluid from the cans and plunk them into a bowl.  Some people just mash them up as is.  I remove any spines, spinal cords, and big hunks of skin with a big spoon and add those to my dogs’ food – they love it.  It’s up to you how much of that you want in.  When you mash it, you definitely can’t even tell that stuff is in there.

Use a food processor to finely chop onion and red/orange/yellow peppers and throw that in.  Experiment with amounts, you really can’t go wrong.  You can use a knife and chopping board, of course, just don’t get lazy and quit too soon!  It is definitely better to have these things finely chopped.

Add 1 egg per can, a schlock of dijon mustard (maybe 1 T. per can or so), and about 1 T. worsteshire sauce per can, soy sauce, or fish sauce.  You need it mostly for the saltiness.  So obviously, you could just use salt instead if you want.  I would mix it up and cook one to see if it’s enough.  You can always add more.

The last ingredient has to soak up some liquid.  You can use bread or cracker crumbs, rolled oats, oat flour, or the like.  It just has to get to a nice sticky consistency.  So start with 1/4 C. and see how it looks.

Food - Salmon Cakes 3

Here is my batch ready to pan-fry.  So now just use a cookie scoop or two big spoons to form cakes.  Flatten with a spatula in a nice medium-hot cast iron pan coated with fat (butter/olive oil mix is nice or good farm lard if you have it.)

These are great with a salad or on a sandwich.  You can use tarter sauce if you like, but I like them as is.  Here is a nice dose of fish oil that actually tastes good!

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