The Evolving Garden

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Plants - Garden View 1        Every day I draw sustenance from my garden.  Summer has finally arrived in southeast Wisconsin, it appears (one must remain cautious about a declaration like that.)  Here is the back bed a few days ago with the fern leaf peony and cushion spurge in full bloom.  The giant alliums are preparing to open in the back and the weeds haven’t taken over yet!

Plants - Garden View 2

Here is the same bed this morning after heavy rain last night.  The alliums are in full bloom now, if a bit wobbly after their beating and the peony has become just its gorgeous foliage.

I am looking forward to the standard peonies coming into bloom shortly here and I put in 3 new varieties in fall which I am eager to see.

Just to go outside this morning and breathe….ah!  Great way to start the day with lower blood pressure, lungs expanded by fresh moist air, eyes relaxing amid all that green.  Praise for the morning!

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Gearing Up to Have a Plant Sale

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Plants - sale 1

Having a plant sale is a great way to get some exercise outside and do some gardening really early in the season.  It motivates me to get the raking done, see which plants are already up, and do some dividing.  For the last 3 years my dad and I have had a plant sale at his home.  He sells off his many extra tomato and pepper plants he raised from seed and I sell off all my perennial divisions.  Every year we are astounded at how much money we make.  Last year was the most, I took in $350 and my dad did something like $250.  This is in only 2 days!  The pictures show my growing stock for sale.  I started with cushion spurge and pachysandra because they were some of the first plants up and also my sister has asked for a cushion spurge.

Plants - sale 2Next I added some daylillies, corydalis, and bleeding heart.

Today I started organizing on trays because I now have more bleeding heart and a whole tray of lamb’s ear.  At $1 or $2 per pot, the potential dollars are adding up and my garden beds are getting spruced up nicely as the nice days are beginning to be more often.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress!Plants - sale 3

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