What I Feed My Dogs

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Food - Dog 2Here’s Charlie waiting for his breakfast.  People have sneered at me saying, “She cooks for her dogs.”  Well, after recently reading Ted Kerasote’s, “Pukka’s Promise: The Quest for Longer-Lived Dogs” I can take any abuse dished out because it is clear that commercial dog food is contributing to earlier death, disease, and rising rates of cancer in our companion canines.  Surprise, surprise, it turns out wheat and other grains aren’t good for us OR our animals.  They taste good and they are convenient, but cancer is anything but convenient so I’ll pass.

I have been feeding my dogs real food for awhile now (as opposed to dog food.)  But now I have eliminated grains from their diets because it’s not a natural component.  So what do they eat?  For breakfast and dinner:  cooked or raw vegetables with some meat like raw ground lamb or beef, or canned salmon.  For lunch:  a whole raw chicken leg.  Hudson sometimes gets an egg for breakfast instead of the meat.  Charlie is allergic to eggs so he just stays with the meat.  (He can’t stop scratching his ears for 24 hours if he gets any eggs.)

Food - Dog 1

Hudson gets less on the left because he is less active than Charlie who eats from a specially designed stainless steel bowl with a big knob in the middle to slow him down.

It’s really not a big deal to “cook” for my dogs.  The only thing I cook is the vegetables and then only sometimes.  Many times it’s just chopping up some cabbage or raw cauliflower.  They love it all.  I am in the kitchen cooking for us anyway, so it’s no big deal to throw something together for them.  And knowing they are getting healthy food for small wolves makes me glad.

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