Oh, the Paris Food Shops!

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I was so glad we had a kitchen in Paris so we could shop the food shops.  Where else could you see a little dog out for his walk have a conversation with the butcher?  This little guy was so persuasive he actually got the man to throw him a raw meatball which he caught and inhaled expertly!

The glorious birds above have some feathers, feet and heads on so the buyer is certain what they are getting.  We are not used to seeing this much animal when we are buying meat, but maybe it would be better if we did.  An appreciation for a life given to feed ours would not hurt us one bit.  And I’m telling you these would be scrumptious!

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Here is our neighborhood charcuterie, or delicatessen to us, which was a tiny place displaying everything in the front with the kitchen in the back.  The man here was soooo nice, helping us all in French and throwing in some gougères (Goo-ZHAIR) just for us, “To try.”  These little cheese puff balls melted in the mouth – so unassuming looking – but a powerhouse of flavor!  Of course he gave us 2 which was a good thing because if I’d have known how good they were I’d have bought and eaten about a dozen which would have been a big mistake.  We were living by the French idea of, “Small quantity, big quality.”  I savored that tiny ball.

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There is the cheesemonger and she is smiling as though she is very nice, but she is disgusted with me!  I didn’t know the rules of the cheese shop which I found out later.  You must ask the expert-lady for her help in selecting the perfect cheese for when you wish to eat it.  Each one has a perfect time to eat it and she has this secret knowledge.  I bumbled in and stupidly pointed to what I wanted to buy.  Talk about not understanding a culture.  Oh well, at least she smiled for my photo!

The coffee roaster guy, on the other hand was so delighted that we came in and showed interest in his process.  He explained everything, how there is a science and an art to roasting each type of bean perfectly.  What a delight!  We learned a lot, bought coffee to drink on the spot and to take away.  We wanted to stay because it smelled so good in this little shop.

Travel - Paris Shops 3Lastly, a scene like this warms my heart.  The big doggie can wait outside without concern outside the shop.  You can walk with your dog everywhere and just leave him for a time.  Not to worry.

Yesterday at the huge food store off the interstate I was scared to leave my 2 dogs in the locked car for fear someone would break in and steal them to sell on a street corner in the city for a couple bucks.  I would love this freedom Parisians and their dogs enjoy.

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