Can You Eat a Puff Ball?

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Food - Puff BallTo answer my own question in the title, yes!  Generally they are washed, sliced, battered and sautéed in butter.  You must make sure it IS a puffball and that it isn’t too old.  There are good websites out there for this like the Mushroom Journal based in Illinois which is a good one for me to look at.  You should always check sources that are as local as possible.  Do not eat any mushroom based on information you are reading here!  I’ve heard of disasters where foreigners found mushrooms in their new locale that looked just like some from their native land, but they were deadly varieties and wiped out the whole clan.  So KNOW before you eat.

I’ve been watching this puff ball for a few days.  It started out about softball size and has mushroomed (ha, ha, love that pun!) to basketball size.  I just photographed it, though, because we don’t eat them at out house.  Bill has a very rare reaction to puff balls where he just can’t digest them at all.  When he eats them they just lay in his stomach like a rock for days.  Very painful.  I actually don’t think they taste all that great.  They remind me of eggplant, rather bland.  So, we pass on them here.  But they are fascinating to watch progress on the forest floor.

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