Bellagio’s Reader in the Sun

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Travel - Bellagio BeautyEven in the touristy town of Bellagio one can find beautiful little scenes to photograph.  This is one of the things I love about travel.  I look for things I can never find at home.

Here was a young woman who found herself a spot in the sun on a step in front of an elaborate gate to read her book.  It is a magnificent setting for a simple, pleasurable act.  It was so peaceful and a scene I wanted to capture.

Travel offers me a reason to slow down and look around.  I often spend a lot of time speeding through my days with much more to do than I can possible accomplish in a day.  Taking a vacation can offer a chance to slow the pace and find the little gems in each day; perhaps an espresso sitting in a café by the water and some photographs of the beauty that surrounds.

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Espresso for the Weekend

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Food - espresso 1                Food - espresso 2

After our 2009 trip to Italy we came home craving espresso.  Our local Starbucks wanted some ridiculous price for what looked like a tablespoon of café!  We had been using a stovetop pressure-type pot, but I learned this is not true espresso which needs much more pressure to force every drop of goodness from the beans.  I made the big financial decision to buy a real espresso machine and the really nice people at Seattle Coffee Gear talked me through it because I really needed some expert guidance.  There are so many choices in espresso machines!

We have espresso now at our house every weekend and holiday.  It is our special “goody coffee” treat for those days when we have a little more time in the morning to enjoy it.  I take mine with a tiny spoon of raw sugar and organic cocoa, then topped with frothed organic cream, I think technically, cappuccino.  Bill is hardcore, usually only straight black right from the machine.   I figure even using the machine only 2 days a week, our $300 purchase has paid for itself easily compared to espresso out.  We like to quote that old sitcom line, “Spending is just like saving!”  Sometimes this is actually true.

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