My New-to-Me Spatula (Flipper/Turner)

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At nearly 6 inches across, my rummage sale find of a spatula is quite impressive!  I’ve always wanted one of these, but just never found one that seems just right.  The brand new ones always have longer handles and seem unwieldy.  This one, found just last week at our local Humane Society rummage sale, has a nice short handle, with a very dense, wood-like handle with smooth rivets to hold the metal.  It feels good in the hand – always an important criterion for a hand tool of any sort.  This vintage version was worth waiting for.

Trying it out on pancakes yesterday morning was a revelation.  Such ease to accomplish the flipping task!  Each whole cake fully supported – nice!  I think this will be great for fish fillets too.  It was definitely worth the $1 price tag and the space in the drawer.

Pancakes Made Simple

1.5 C. flour

2 t. baking powder

1 t. salt

1 T. white sugar

1.25 C. milk

1 egg

3 T. melted butter

Sometimes I use a variety of flours.  Yesterday was a combination of spelt and corn flours.  Also, I skipped the melted butter and just used watered down cream for the milk which held plenty of fat.  That way the recipe comes together super quick.  This recipe is very adaptable to lots of variations!

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My Cleaver

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Food - CleaverLook at this great cleaver I found at a resale shop.  I have had it awhile and never used it until yesterday.  I knew it was a quality knife because of its heft and its full-tang construction, meaning the metal of the blade runs right up through the full handle.  It appeared to be brand new.  It has no name on it, but for $1.99 I wasn’t going to quibble!

Well, now that I’ve hacked apart an enormous chicken leg with it, I’ve developed quite an appreciation for such a quality instrument.  I like to think about why someone would get rid of something like this.  I think many times these kinds of things were given as gifts and the recipient didn’t realize what a great gift it was!  Looking through the knife bins at a resale shop is always a category stop for me.  I have found amazing good-quality cutting implements for a song.

I never realized what a cleaver could do, though.  First, it is a heavy knife and simply dropping it onto the board produces quite a lot of chopping power.  It cut clear through the bone with about 3 whacks.  Chopping the meat was amazingly fast and easy.  I can see why a cleaver is a favorite with butchers.  This one has earned a permanent spot in my kitchen tool arsenal!

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