For the Love of Greens

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Food - Greens TreatMy garden greens have gone nuts this summer!  This is a mouthful of interesting flavors:  1 leaf each of kale, lettuce, garlic chive, and sorrel.  Wow, what a pop in the mouth!

Food - Lettuce harvestHere is my enormous harvest just soaked, spun and about to get packed into a bucket for the refrigerator.  I love that even though I live in a woods, greens don’t need full sun to grow.  The lettuce, sorrel, and chives all returned on their own, too.  The lettuce is trying hard to get to flower and seed, but I keep cutting it before that can happen.  I think I might get one more cutting before I will have to let it go.  That’s ok, it will pay me back next year with all the dropped seed coming up again!

Food - Lettuce harvest 2This is the best laugh.  I’ve rescued a bucket from a local bakery’s recycling bin.  The bucket originally held “E-Z Use Garlic Spread.”  First ingredient?  Partially hydrogenated oil – yuck!  Not anymore – now it’s filled with gorgeous greens ready to eat.  It’s now the E-Z Use Green Bucket!

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Home Grown Lettuce

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Here is my haul from the garden for last night’s salad.  There was so much lettuce in just this first picking I washed and spun it and then I put half of it in a container for tonight’s salad.  This is the Black Seeded Simpson variety of leaf lettuce that is commonly available and known as a “cut and come again” variety because it regrows for more harvesting.  Here’s the kicker, though, I planted this lettuce 2 years ago and I’ve enjoyed it for free now for 2 springs!  About mid-summer depending on the weather (this plant hates heat) it will go to seed – bolt is a great term for this because it seems to happen overnight.  I was lazy and left it to flower, seed, and drop it all before I ripped out the unattractive plants in fall.  What a nice surprise that those seeds are very viable, seem to enjoy a good long winter and sprout with excellent vigor in early spring, enjoying the cold and wet we’ve had to be perfect for harvest right now.  You can still get some of this in with a shorter harvest this year (if the heat ever gets here) but with an eye for self-seeding for next year.  It is delicious, bright green, and so healthy for you to eat.  You will eat more of it because it is so much better than the stuff in the store that has traveled far and lost lots of nutrients and flavor by the time you eat it, if it hasn’t gone slimy by the time you get to it.  Plant now!!

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Black Quinoa Layered Salad

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Food - Black QuinoaDinner last night was on my own.  I wanted to use the leftovers:  cooked black quinoa and  roasted beets.  I had fresh asparagus, orange peppers, portabella mushrooms and onions as well as good greens.  So I sautéed the fresh veggies with olive oil and a little seasoning from Penzeys called Fox Point Seasoning (thank you, Audrey!)  I also added some garlic powder.  While that was going I washed and chopped up the greens.  I put those in the bottom of the bowl with the cold quinoa on top.  Then the hot veggies in a layer with the beets on top.  A little olive oil and seasoned vinegar over it all pulled it together.  I was wowed at how outstanding this was!

Any additional protein?  Well, don’t fret because first of all this salad is packed with protein, especially from the quinoa.  But oddly, lately I like canned salmon right out of the can!  Since I was on my own and feeding that to my dogs anyway, I snitched some from them to have on the side with this gorgeous salad.  Weird, I know, but note that most canned salmon is wild Alaskan, very inexpensive, and tasty!

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