Owly in My Wood

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Owly in my wood so wide-eyed,
You perch above the green floor,
Where lunch skitters,
But you look at me
Swiveling your head.
You wonder, danger?

The black thing clicks,
She crouches down
And leans forward.
She turns the black thing.
She walks along the ridge,
And peers out from the pine.
Finally she goes away.

Now, where is my lunch?

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Arches National Park

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We took on some of the stenuous trails at Arches National Park last month.  These involved some scrambling over enormous rocks, balancing on top of very tall ridges, and squeezing through some narrow spots.  It was so much fun!


The rewards for our efforts were that we got to see a lot of the arches which are only visible by hiking to them and we escaped a lot of the other visitors.  It’s a popular park, easy to get to and full of amazing structures so any time of the year there are quite a few visitors.  We were happy that late October had greatly thinned the crowding of summer, but it is still nice to feel you’ve gotten into the wilderness somewhat.

Hiking at Arches was a great warm up for the big Grand Canyon hike we were about to tackle but it was equally awesome in its sights.





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Antelope Canyon

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Swift as an antelope
I’d want to be
When the mighty waters
Rush these walls.

How can such utter
Leave breath-catching

Lines of light
Reflect the sun
In surprising ways;
Colors the eyes can’t even see.

Quiet canyon now;
Stop and listen
As the mind searches for sound.
Still silence, moving walls.

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Mountain Hiking – Big Small Contrasts

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Travel - Swiss GrasshopperThis large green grasshopper greeted me along my way hiking in Switzerland.  I’m sure he was congratulating me on completing a very hard ascent and descent of the Fenêtre d’Arpette of the Tour du Mont Blanc.  I had to stop and admire his gorgeous green with black accenting.  He actually had big expressive eyes for a bug!

Travel - Swiss Fenetre

One of the things I love about hiking in the alps is the wonderful contrasts of enormity and the diminutive.  I am a slow hiker partly because I am overwhelmed by the environment and I cannot rush through it.  A hike here is not just a good workout in nice surroundings to me, but rather a chance to really step outside of normal life and lose myself in a place.

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The Queen and Her Swans

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Travel - Queen's SwansHere is a swan from my 1985 visit to Scotland’s Loch Ness.  It was a picture perfect event and the guide told us very seriously that the Queen owns all the swans in Great Britain.

I’ve always wondered about this.  Is it true?  If so why?  A little poking around today answered my questions.  The BBC says:

“The annual event (Swan Upping, or the annual count) dates back to the 12th Century when the ownership of all unowned mute swans in Britain was claimed by the Crown in order to ensure a ready supply for banquets and feasts.

Swan Upping now serves a conservational rather than culinary purpose.”

Other sites explained that it is a way to make them protected because many years ago they were hunted to near extinction.  Leave it to the British to make something like legal protection of a species into a fancy royal ownership affair.  I do love the quaintness of this tradition, even though I’m very glad we do not have royalty in the U.S.

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Sunflower Field

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Photography - Sunflower FieldSummer sun on a sunflower field,

How can I help but smile?

So many faces arcing across the sky,

Keeping the time of the day.

Busy stalks growing tall,

Impossible to pedal right past.

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Green Bug on a Painted Fern

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Poetry - Green bugGreen bug walking

along the purple rib

of a painted fern,

Are you talking

telling yourself a fib

with every turn?

“I’m safe here

hunting bugs alone

I have no fear

belief in birds is overblown.”

I do the same.

I feel your shame.

When caught in the clutch

You denied so much.

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Peace in the Night Sky

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Travel - Night Sky

All is still tonight.

The mountains are asleep already.

The sun’s light is almost gone.

The clouds pass through.

The moon holds vigil.

Sunset and Moonrise over Rifugio Fadora Vedla, Italy.

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Photography With a Purpose

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Photography - Stones 1Here I was looking for a relaxing stones pic.  First I tried this view at the lakeshore with nice stones under shallow water.  I really like the play of light and water over the base of stones.  It’s interesting, natural, and yet, wouldn’t detract from any message I would put on top.  The color of text will take some trial and error.  Sometimes I will put text right next to an image like this.  I think it lets the viewer enjoy the peace and tranquility before processing the text.  And in my business… massage therapy… it lets the viewer experience a little bit of what I might offer; a temporary relief from stress.

Photography - Stones 2Next, I tried dry stones on the beach.  I really like the variety of sizes, shapes and colors here.  I do think the first shot is less interesting, though, in a way due to the water overlay which lends everything some sameness.  Here I find I am more drawn in to inspect more closely, something I’m not going for in an advertising shot.

Do you take photos with a purpose like this?  I’d love to see yours!

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Nasturtium Love

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Plants - Nasturtium 1

Look at you

     So jaunty in the breeze

          A riot of color on your face

                Are you as happy as you look?

Here it is day

After a sleepless night

And a scary morning

But you are here

A perfect message

Sent from on high

All I can do is offer

Thanks and praise.

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