Plant Sale Progress

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The offerings for the plant sale have increased quite a lot.  We have had about a week of decent weather, finally, and I have been getting last fall’s leaves raked off the plant beds.  All 11 rhubarb plants are up and accounted for and they look stronger and healthier than ever.  I should enjoy a good harvest of rhubarb for my fruit smoothies this year.  The sluggish hostas are just beginning to poke their leaf points up so I have left them Plants - sale 4alone for now.  But I did grab some of the peonies we inherited with our property which some fool planted in the shade of the woods where they have been languishing.  I have them potted up and they look pretty happy there.  I found a few more on this morning’s walk so I will be getting out with my shovel quickly.  If they get up into a leafing out all is lost.  Even with an early digging, they will definitely sulk this year and probably most of next as well.  The effort is worth it, though, because I will make a tidy sum at $4 per plant and the buyers will have luscious candy-pink frilly blooms just a few years from now for that cheap price.  At the garden centers they would pay at least $15 per plant and those would sulk too!

The lamb’s ear is rebounding in their pots after being pulled apart and stuck in dirt.  Some new, softly green leaves have sprouted in just a few days.  My neighbor has shared some pachysandra and miniature daisies which got into their pots yesterday.  It’s fun to do a mental calculation of profit if I were to sell it all and I am somewhere near $300 including the houseplants.  I am already salivating at the idea of heading to the garden centers with some cash to invest in new specimens after it is all over!

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Gearing Up to Have a Plant Sale

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Plants - sale 1

Having a plant sale is a great way to get some exercise outside and do some gardening really early in the season.  It motivates me to get the raking done, see which plants are already up, and do some dividing.  For the last 3 years my dad and I have had a plant sale at his home.  He sells off his many extra tomato and pepper plants he raised from seed and I sell off all my perennial divisions.  Every year we are astounded at how much money we make.  Last year was the most, I took in $350 and my dad did something like $250.  This is in only 2 days!  The pictures show my growing stock for sale.  I started with cushion spurge and pachysandra because they were some of the first plants up and also my sister has asked for a cushion spurge.

Plants - sale 2Next I added some daylillies, corydalis, and bleeding heart.

Today I started organizing on trays because I now have more bleeding heart and a whole tray of lamb’s ear.  At $1 or $2 per pot, the potential dollars are adding up and my garden beds are getting spruced up nicely as the nice days are beginning to be more often.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress!Plants - sale 3

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Terrarium Containers

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Today I’m revealing the idea of where to get great containers for terrariums for low, low cost.  Check out the resale shops in your area and make quick stops at rummage sales during the summer.  That’s it. I have planted and tucked a few in my office which is great because I don’t have to worry about them drying out as much as regular plants.  Also, I’m getting ready for my plant sale in May and this year, in addition to many perennials in my offerings, I’d like to try selling some terrariums.  People aren’t going to want to pay a lot of money for them, so the containers, which are the most expensive part, have to be cheap for me.  Here is what I’ve collected in just the last few trips to Goodwill and St. Vincent DePaul.

Plants - Containers

There is quite a variety from large to small, tall to squat, covered and open, you name it!  The prices are all between $0.49 – $2.99 with most at the $0.99 price point.  I’m going to get them planted over the next few months so everything can be well-established by the time of the sale and then offer them from $5 to maybe $12 and see what happens.  If no one buys them I’ll just give them away.  They were so cheap and fun to play with I’m willing to risk such a little amount of cash.

Here is my very convenient planting box in the basement.  I bring home bags of potting soil and dump them in here.  It keeps it neat and easy to mix things in like charcoal.  The next photo shows this really unusual thing I found.  It’s an iron stand with a glass vase insert.  I’ve got about an inch of gravel in the bottom, and about 2  inches of soil above that.  You’ll notice a tall iced tea spoon in there and a paintbrush lying on the table.  These are nice tools to pick up at the resale shops too.  Spoons at Goodwill are $0.10!  The brush can take care of bits of soil that get on the glass or plant leaves.  I made a little hole with the spoon and inserted 2 marigold seeds of the variety which grows 4-6 inches.  It’s an experiment, let’s see how they do.  To keep the moisture in I put a flat stone on the top for now.  I’ll post update photos when it gets growing.

Plants - Dirt          Plants - Planting Terrarium

This is my third post and I’ve gotten a few readers in the last few days!  I thank you very much dear reader, and I promise to post daily if at all possible.  Just so you know, we have started off here with plant information which is near and dear to my heart so we will have lots of plant information throughout, but the plan is to also include topics in the realms of cooking/eating, art, health, and travel.  It’s probably too much for one little blog, but let’s see how it goes!

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