Plant Sale Progress

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The offerings for the plant sale have increased quite a lot.  We have had about a week of decent weather, finally, and I have been getting last fall’s leaves raked off the plant beds.  All 11 rhubarb plants are up and accounted for and they look stronger and healthier than ever.  I should enjoy a good harvest of rhubarb for my fruit smoothies this year.  The sluggish hostas are just beginning to poke their leaf points up so I have left them Plants - sale 4alone for now.  But I did grab some of the peonies we inherited with our property which some fool planted in the shade of the woods where they have been languishing.  I have them potted up and they look pretty happy there.  I found a few more on this morning’s walk so I will be getting out with my shovel quickly.  If they get up into a leafing out all is lost.  Even with an early digging, they will definitely sulk this year and probably most of next as well.  The effort is worth it, though, because I will make a tidy sum at $4 per plant and the buyers will have luscious candy-pink frilly blooms just a few years from now for that cheap price.  At the garden centers they would pay at least $15 per plant and those would sulk too!

The lamb’s ear is rebounding in their pots after being pulled apart and stuck in dirt.  Some new, softly green leaves have sprouted in just a few days.  My neighbor has shared some pachysandra and miniature daisies which got into their pots yesterday.  It’s fun to do a mental calculation of profit if I were to sell it all and I am somewhere near $300 including the houseplants.  I am already salivating at the idea of heading to the garden centers with some cash to invest in new specimens after it is all over!

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Superfood Fruit Smoothie Made Simple

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Food - Fruit Smoothie 3

Americans need to take back control of their food!  My neighbor mentioned that she had to get to the store to buy some packets of powdered fruit smoothie so she could make them in her blender again.  You can probably imagine my reaction.  I said, “Why would you pay for that?”  and “Have you looked at the ingredients list?”  Let’s just say she has thanked me profusely several times now for teaching her that she doesn’t need a package from the store that some gigantic food manufacturer has put together.

Fruit smoothies are so simple if you have a blender and a freezer.  The best base for all of them are frozen bananas and other fruits and vegetables.  Peel ripe bananas and slice in smallish slices, then throw in a ziplock bag and freeze flat so you can break off as many as you want when you are using them.  Bananas make smoothies creamy and thick so they are a great base.  After that any other fruit and many frozen veggies work great too.  It’s a very sneaky way to get vegetables into children’s diets!  Basically it is frozen stuff, sweetener (honey, maple syrup, stevia, even dates – your choice), and liquid (milk, nutmilk, water).

Mine above there is a special superfood smoothie.  I included frozen banana, rhubarb (yep, using up last year’s frozen supply before this year’s comes in – low calorie and high nutrient, why not?), kale, and papaya.  Then some stevia for sweetening and 1 T. each chlorella and spirulina and some coconut milk.  Absolutely delicious!

Food - Fruit Smoothie 1          Food - Fruit Smoothie 2

The final product makes it possible for me to consume the spirulina and chlorella because I do not find these palatable, believe me, but their health benefits are astounding so I throw them in here where I can’t taste them.  The final color is surprising, but I think especially boys would like the idea of a pond scum smoothie – eeewww!  Hard to believe, but I’m telling you, it tastes wonderful.  And again, every cell in the body sings, “Thank you for the FOOD!”

By the way, that is a stainless steel straw in there.  What a great concept!  I have tried to eliminate plastic from my food and I didn’t know, until recently, that there was any other choice for a straw, but glass and stainless steel are now available for reasonable prices too.  I invested in 10 of these and I will never have to buy straws again and none will go into the landfill or need to be recycled.  And I won’t be sucking up plastic chemicals along with my smoothie.  Just great!!

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