Oven Roasted Veggie Soup

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Food - Roasted Vegetable SoupThis is the easiest soup to make!  I was amazed at how delicious it was and truly a snap to put together.

This is for a day you are hanging out at home.  Roasting the vegetables in the oven is not hard, but it helps to have time to do it without pressure because you want them to be completely soft.

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Oven Roasted Veggie Soup

1.  Scrub and chop off ends of winter vegetables:  turnips, sweet potatoes, carrots, rutabagas, onion.  Put in a bowl, drizzle with olive oil and salt.  Toss with big spoon and then lay out on a pan.

2.  Do the same with squash and beets and put on a separate pan.  Peel the squash if you want to make it easier later, otherwise you can scoop out the flesh later.

Food - Roasted Vegetables 23.  Bake at 350º for about an hour or until soft.  You may need to stir them up once or twice.

4.  Put in a big soup pot with some chicken or vegetable stock (I used turkey stock I found in the freezer).  Heat through.   Blend with an immersion blender to make a smooth, creamy soup.

5.  Add 1 whole can of coconut milk and blend  together.

6.  Here are some spices I used but make it your own:  thyme, Penzey’s Berbere Seasoning, aleppo Pepper, fresh rosemary minced, roasted garlic (I threw some cleaned cloves into the oven with the veggies), S+P.

7.  For a garnish I put a fresh chopped honey crisp apple on top.  This was a perfect hearty dinner for a very cold winter’s night.

Thanks to Glenda for her inspiration on this recipe!

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Quinoa Any Way You Like

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Food - Quinoa

Quinoa is so much more fun than rice!  It cooks faster, it is more fun to chew because it has a tiny crunch to it, and a pretty good case can be made for it being healthier than rice too.  The name for it looks weird, also a plus in my book, it is pronounced, “Keen-wah.”  So how does it work?  Take a cup out of the bag, pour it into a fine mesh collander and rinse under running water for awhile.  This grain is naturally coated with the same stuff in soap and tastes just as bad if you don’t rinse that off.  Once it is gone you are good to go.  Dump it in a pot with 2 cups of water and boil for about 20 minutes.  That’s it!  Then you can do whatever you want with it.  Here I have thrown in leftover steamed beets and sweet potatoes, some chopped up sugar snap peas, a little olive oil and seasoned vinegar.  So any chopped up cooked or raw vegetables work well in addition to some kind of dressing.   These types of mixtures often taste good either hot or cold and make great leftovers or as a topping to a green salad.  You can even turn this into soup with the simple addition of some broth or stock.  I love quinoa!

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