Secret Weapon Banlangen!

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Ban Lan Gen

Who has time to be sick?  Who has the will to spend 5-10 days moping around with drippy, yet stuffed-up nose, body aching, can’t sleep but dead on your feet, head banging.  No thank you!

But how to avoid it?  Well, 3 times this past week I pulled out my secret weapon.  My acupuncturist, Angela Parker – Towering Pines Acupuncture, sold me this package of Banlangen which is a small box of little boxes wherein you find small brown sugar cubes to drop into hot water.  The tea tastes good and I have found that getting one into me within 1 hour of feeling a few symptoms knocks it right out of the system!  I have quite a stockpile of these little boxes – never want to be without it!!

Isn’t it great when you find something that works, is cheap, and isn’t full of nasty pharmaceuticals?  I avoid most food products made in China, but I’ll tell you, when it comes to natural medicines, I like to see Product of China on the label because those people know what they are doing!

Much thanks to Angela Parker!

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Robust Health Instead of a Flu Shot!

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Food - Juicing

I don’t get a flu shot.  I don’t believe the risk of heavy metal accumulation and immune system interference are worth the small possibility that the drug companies have selected the exact flu viruses that I will be subject to getting.  I also don’t believe I’ll die if I get the flu.

So, what to do to stay healthy in winter when, it seems, everyone is coughing and suffering with some sort of illness?

Well, supporting robust health to be able to fight it all off is the way I choose.  For me this means plenty of sleep, exercise, and super nutrition.  In winter I like to fire up my superb Super Angel 5500 all stainless steel juicer.  What a great machine!

I started juicing again a few days ago.  This is today’s version:  6 big fat carrots, 2 apples, 2 inches of fresh ginger, 1 small beet – all organic, of course, and this makes 2 servings.  I drink mine immediately and my husband’s goes into 2 small stainless steel thermos containers in the freezer.  They don’t freeze the juice, they are just super cold and hold the juice with minimal nutrient loss until he is home to drink it.   This juice tastes great and I can just feel my cells soaking up all that nutrition.  My body definitely functions better when it has nutrients to accomplish its needs.  A strong, well-fed body will be better able to fend off any bug floating nearby!

Please note:  I am not giving advice to anyone else here.  I am tell you what has worked for me.  And I do believe in shots for things that kill you.  I do keep my tetanus shot up-to-date and my dogs both have current rabies shots.

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