Terrarium Maintenance Made Simple

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Plants - Terrarium Maintenance 1

What happens to a beautifully planted terrarium after a few months?  Well, here is my first terrarium planted in February.  That glass makes for a perfect growing environment and the plants have become overgrown, pressing against the glass and looking unkempt.

Plants - Terrarium Maintenance 3











I hauled it outside because the weather is finally nice and fixing this up is definitely going to be messy.  I used a big spoon to scoop out the 2 biggest ferns.  Then a knife cut them into smaller pieces.  One about 1/4 of the plants went back in.  The rest of the plants went to other terrariums.  Some of the moss that had browned got cut off with a scissors too.

Plants - Terrarium Maintenance 2

Here is a view inside the new arrangement.  A paper towel and long-handled paintbrush took care of the dirt on the glass.

Plants - Terrarium Maintenance 4

The final product is already steamed up, creating that great growing environment again.  I guess it will be the middle of winter when I’ll have to do this again.  Not too bad considering I never water this terrarium and this rearranging only took about 5 minutes.

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The Indoor Garden at the End of Winter

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It has been a long winter.  Aren’t you ready for spring?  How to keep a smile?  Well, for me it’s visiting my indoor garden every day.  I open my terrariums and breathe the freshly oxygenated air.  I note the progress of the seedlings as I turn them away from the window so they grow evenly.  I plant some Johnny Jump Ups in some old kids’ boots. I water the grass and petunia pot in the garage from last year because remarkably, the petunia stems have buds on them!  I dream about the plant sale in May when I will chat with fellow gardeners.  The sun is stronger now and we’ll be turning clocks soon.  Hope is really alive!

Plants - Indoor Garden        Plants - garage wintering

Plants - The Marigolds!

I hope you’re inspired to get some green in your life if, like me, it’s been all brown and white for a long time now!  Coming up soon:  Fish Chowder, new terrariums, and more on the plant sale!

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Terrarium Add-Ins

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After getting a container, choosing plants that will like the container, setting up the layers of drainage material in the bottom, appropriate soil for the plants and possibly some top dressing like stone or sand, it’s fun to consider decorative add-ins.  These can be an accent to the plants or they can tell a story in which the plants play a supporting role.  The people at http://twigterrariums.com are brilliant at creating little scenes with tiny people doing different things, check it out!

So far I have preferred to just accent my plants with decorative items, but I think this is mostly due to the fact that I haven’t come across a great resource for tiny people!  Here are some things I’ve recently collected.

016          Terrariums - Aliens

Some of these items are larger, like the owl with the intense glass eyes the marble mushroom, and the real animal skull I found in the woods.  They will need a larger terrarium.  Some are smaller like the little aliens ($0.10 for all at a rummage sale!)  I had to glue them on corks because they wouldn’t stand.  I’ll just sink the corks into the ground and no one will know I had to do that.  I’ve also got shells and a stack of small beach stones.  The jar has deer moss in it.  This is natural moss that has been preserved so it is technically dead, but so full of bright green color you’d never know.  Tucking a little piece of this in really jazzes it up.

When I visit one of my usual haunts (Goodwill, St. Vinnie’s or rummage sales) I’m always on the lookout for certain categories of things.  Tiny terrarium add-ins are one of those.  Have you found anything really interesting to put into your terrariums?

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Terrarium Containers

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Today I’m revealing the idea of where to get great containers for terrariums for low, low cost.  Check out the resale shops in your area and make quick stops at rummage sales during the summer.  That’s it. I have planted and tucked a few in my office which is great because I don’t have to worry about them drying out as much as regular plants.  Also, I’m getting ready for my plant sale in May and this year, in addition to many perennials in my offerings, I’d like to try selling some terrariums.  People aren’t going to want to pay a lot of money for them, so the containers, which are the most expensive part, have to be cheap for me.  Here is what I’ve collected in just the last few trips to Goodwill and St. Vincent DePaul.

Plants - Containers

There is quite a variety from large to small, tall to squat, covered and open, you name it!  The prices are all between $0.49 – $2.99 with most at the $0.99 price point.  I’m going to get them planted over the next few months so everything can be well-established by the time of the sale and then offer them from $5 to maybe $12 and see what happens.  If no one buys them I’ll just give them away.  They were so cheap and fun to play with I’m willing to risk such a little amount of cash.

Here is my very convenient planting box in the basement.  I bring home bags of potting soil and dump them in here.  It keeps it neat and easy to mix things in like charcoal.  The next photo shows this really unusual thing I found.  It’s an iron stand with a glass vase insert.  I’ve got about an inch of gravel in the bottom, and about 2  inches of soil above that.  You’ll notice a tall iced tea spoon in there and a paintbrush lying on the table.  These are nice tools to pick up at the resale shops too.  Spoons at Goodwill are $0.10!  The brush can take care of bits of soil that get on the glass or plant leaves.  I made a little hole with the spoon and inserted 2 marigold seeds of the variety which grows 4-6 inches.  It’s an experiment, let’s see how they do.  To keep the moisture in I put a flat stone on the top for now.  I’ll post update photos when it gets growing.

Plants - Dirt          Plants - Planting Terrarium

This is my third post and I’ve gotten a few readers in the last few days!  I thank you very much dear reader, and I promise to post daily if at all possible.  Just so you know, we have started off here with plant information which is near and dear to my heart so we will have lots of plant information throughout, but the plan is to also include topics in the realms of cooking/eating, art, health, and travel.  It’s probably too much for one little blog, but let’s see how it goes!

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