Marie Antoinette’s Play Village

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Travel - Marie Antionette

Marie Antoinette had a small village built on the grounds of the palace at Versailles in 1783 where she could enjoy the “charms of country life” as explained by the Versailles website.  This small village allowed her to escape the pressures of court life as she could pretend to be an average maiden in the country.  I wonder if it fueled the hatred for her by the common people who came to see the royals not as benevolent leaders, but as rulers who exploited them and indulged in decadence.

I also wonder why the buildings seem to be crumbling badly.  I first saw them in 1985 and even then visitors could not enter the structures.  Looking through the windows it was interesting to see them in their unrestored state, just a mess.  The mind pictures the elegant queen and her ladies-in-waiting strolling about the marble floors, balconies and spiral staircases.

I went back in 2010, expecting that by then there had probably been restoration and maybe it would even be possible to enter the buildings.  But no, they looked to be in much worse shape than when I had last seen them.  I even checked my photos from 1985 to confirm my suspicions.  After a little checking I see that the main building, the Queen’s House will begin restoration in 2014.  Perhaps enough funds have finally been raised (it seems Dior has pitched in financially).  I’m glad because the hamlet represents an interesting time in France’s history.  It’s also just darned cute and I’d like to see them preserved!  I think this may warrant another visit in 2016, perhaps, as the project is expected to take 18 months.  I always like having an excuse to travel!

The Queen's House

The Queen’s House

Travel - Marie Antionette 2

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