Zucchini Lasagna Sans Noodles

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Food - Zucchini lasagna 1The first thing to do when making lasagna is to assemble your ingredients because basically this is an assembly job.  For wheatless lasagna I sliced 5 zucchini the long way.  Then I salted them and let them rest in a colander in the sink.  Then I blotted them as dry as I could get them with paper towels.

Meanwhile I stuck a one-pound package of frozen local, grass-fed ground beef into a bowl of water to defrost.  I cleaned up some mushrooms I had in the refrigerator and cooked them to get as much water out as possible.  I got the big container of ricotta into a bowl with 2 eggs and some home-grown oregano mixed in.

I sliced up some mozzarella because you won’t find me buying shredded cheese in a bag.  Read the ingredients list sometime and you will find they toss that stuff with a variety of things that inhibit mold growth and sticking.  I don’t need the chemicals.

I opened a big jar of organic marinara.  Yep, too much to do to mess with making my own.  Also got the jar of dried garlic pieces out.  Again, too much to do to also deal with fresh here for me today.  Maybe next time.  I also figured the dried garlic would soak up some of the water that is certain to be produced.  Next time I might use dried mushrooms to help with that too.

Food - Zucchini lasagna 2 Now the assembly began.  A little sauce on the bottom, a layer of zucchini, mushrooms, sauce, ricotta,  cheese, garlic, and clumps of raw hamburger.  When you use hamburger this good it doesn’t need browning.  If browned almost no fat comes off of it so it can just cook inside the lasagna.  Then repeat ending with sauce and cheese on top.

Food - Zucchini lasagna 3

A pop into the oven at 350° for an hour completes it.  It’s so big we shared it between 3 people this first night.  Then we left about 1/4 of it for my dad and we still have the rest for dinner tonight.  So, for a bit of putsy assembly work it does pay me off with 3 dinners!

Food - Zucchini lasagna 4

Not a bad payoff for the time invested.  And it was quite tasty if a bit watery.  I’m going to try grilling the zucchini next time.  We did have steaks on the grill the night before.  If I had been planning ahead I could have quickly grilled the zucchini very easily while the steaks were resting.  Next time.  Cooking at home is always an adventure!  None of us missed wheat noodles at all.  This is an easy dish to do without them.

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