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The Best Cookbooks Inspired by TV Shows and Movies of 2024

The Best Cookbooks Inspired by TV Shows and Movies of 2024

The Best Cookbooks Inspired by TV Shows and Movies of 2024

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If you’re like most people, you’re probably tired of cooking the same few recipes night after night. But if you find yourself scrolling cooking blogs or watching YouTube videos and coming away still uninspired, here’s one idea: Look for a cookbook inspired by your favorite TV show or movie. It shouldn’t be hard, considering there are dozens of cookbooks inspired by pop culture phenoms like Friends, Stranger Things, The Sopranos, Emily in Paris and so many more. These TV and movie-inspired cookbooks provide a new way to engage with your onscreen favorites. Many of them also include behind-the-scenes details about filming, writing or creating the series or movie.

Also, just saying: These pop culture cookbooks make for thoughtful and unique gifts for even the trickiest recipients on your shopping list. Maybe your Bridgerton-obsessed bestie needs something, or perhaps your brother who can quote Seinfeld forwards and backwards deserves to have a few recipes in his back pocket. You get the idea.

Keep reading for our roundup of the 25 best cookbooks inspired by movies and TV shows that you can order now.

Some might say this is a cookbook about nothing. But in fact, it contains recipes that’ll remind you of the series’ most iconic episodes. Anyone care for a big salad? Or a piece of Festivus meatloaf? Maybe a cinnamon babka? But remember — no soup for you! (Just kidding, the cookbook also has the Soup Nazi’s recipes).

Ah, to be Emily in Paris. While you may not be boarding a flight to the City of Lights or starting a fling with your attractive neighbor anytime soon, you can live vicariously through food inspired by the Netflix series. This cookbook has more than 75 recipes inspired by Emily’s Parisian life, like the Euro Caesar Salad and Molten Chocolate Cakes.

After all, Lorelei and Rory didn’t subsist entirely on coffee and takeout. This cookbook inspired by the show features recipes for everything from the Luke’s Diner Cheeseburger to Sookie’s Magic Risotto to yes, Coffee in an IV. One reviewer shared, “I will say that the Norman Mailer’s Legendary Iced Tea on page 67 got me a boyfriend. He said that it was good even watered down and kept asking me what I put in it.” If that doesn’t convince you, nothing will.

Whether you’re trying to think of desserts for a Star Wars birthday party or you’re just really into the franchise, this cookbook deserves a spot in your kitchen. It’s got plenty of out-of-this-world recipes inspired by every other corner of the Star Wars cinematic universe. Think treats like a Forrest of Endor Log Cake or Cloud City Marshmallows. Plus, several Amazon reviewers confirm that these recipes are simple enough that kids can lend a hand while you’re baking.

This cookbook is a must-have for the Golden Girls fan in your life. It brings together nearly 100 recipes inspired by Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia. Unlike many cookbooks, which tend to stick to one region or type of food, this cookbook contains everything from Italian recipes to Southern recipes to Scandinavian recipes thanks to the characters’ backgrounds. And of course, it wouldn’t be a Golden Girls cookbook without cheesecake recipes.

This cookbook features both modern adaptations of period cuisine along with true-to-life replications of the dishes showcased on the British series. Get ready to impress your friends over an afternoon tea with Orange Layer Cake and Scones or wow your other half with a date night meal of Oysters au Gratin and Chicken Vol-au-Vents.

Yeah, you probably didn’t start watching this romantic time-travel drama for the food, but there’s no denying that the series has plenty of mouth-watering dishes. Now you can bring them into your own kitchen with the help of this companion cookbook that will instruct you in making everything from cozy Scottish classics to elegant French fare. Don’t be intimidated — reviewers say the recipes are adapted for modern kitchens and easy to follow.

Have no clue what to get your dad for his upcoming birthday? It’s a fact that all dads love Yellowstone, making this a gift that’s sure to be appreciated. But it’s not just dads who will enjoy the array of recipes in this book from real-life chef and Yellowstone actor Gabriel “Gator” Guilbeau. The whole family can enjoy recipes like perfectly smoked pulled pork, fluffy biscuits and Beth’s favorite smoothie requiring two scoops of ice cream and three shots of vodka.

This cookbook has nearly 6,000 5-star ratings on Amazon, which should tell you how good it is (but it might also just tell you how enthusiastic Supernatural fans are in general). Inside, you’ll find recipes for diner classics like bacon cheeseburgers, peach cobblers, and more, along with related stories about the episodes in which the dishes are featured.

Whether you’re a die-hard Trekkie or simply an adventurous home cook, you’ll find much to enjoy in this Star Trek-inspired cookbook. In addition to recipes like Romulan Ale and Rokeg Blood Pie, the book includes lore about the culinary traditions of the Star Trek universe and the history of each dish.

This cookbook is inspired by The Witcher video game franchise, though fans of the Netflix series will also find plenty to enjoy. The immersive cookbook has recipes with appropriately fantastical names like Sorcerer’s Beef Stew, Kaer Morhen Fried Mushroom Salad and Orchardman’s Refreshing Nectar.

With the exception of that Starbucks cup, the Game of Thrones showrunners reliably used medieval food and drink to convey a sense of place. Fans who want to immerse themselves further can turn to this cookbook, which contains both medieval versions and modern versions for many of the recipes. Pour yourself a cup of mulled wine and get down to business cooking recipes like Honeyed Chicken, Lemon Cakes, Almond-Crusted Trout and more.

I’ll be there for you, with a Moist Maker and a Trifle (though thankfully, the one in the book doesn’t contain beef like Rachel’s does). Your loved one who loves Friends will adore flipping through the recipes and photos in this book. Although Joey doesn’t share food, maybe your friend will share some of his or her culinary creations with you as a thank-you for this thoughtful gift.

Let’s get one thing straight: None of the recipes in this Hannibal-inspired cookbook require you to convert to cannibalism. Reviewers adore this cookbook for the detailed behind-the-scenes look at how the dishes on the show came together. “There is much more to this book than just recipes,” shared one reviewer. “The pictures in the book are gorgeous and vibrant, which is one of the first things you notice. There are also amusing anecdotes and interesting information sprinkled throughout the book. And, of course, what would be a book about the show Hannibal, without cannibal puns?”

Whether you’ve got an Adventure Time-loving tween who wants to learn how to cook or you’re looking for simple recipes everyone will love, this official cookbook deserves a look. It has all the instructions you’ll need for dishes like Makin’ Bacon pancakes, Marceline’s Fries, The Most Elegant Ambrosia Salad and more.

While you wait for the fifth and final season of Stranger Things to debut, you may as well pass the time with these creepy and nostalgic recipes. Also, just saying, those Demogorgon Fig bites would be perfect for a Halloween party treat! The book also contains recipes inspired by the 1980s cuisine that the characters would have enjoyed at the food court or at the table when their parents got them home for dinner (for once).

Hope you’re ready for Baked Ziti and Sunday Gravy. The Sopranos Family Cookbook features plenty of iconic Italian recipes from Nuovo Vesuvio and from Carmella Soprano’s kitchen. It also includes special pieces of show lore like the first Bucco Vesuvio’s menu, AJ’s essay on “Why I Like Food” and Bobby Bacala’s style tips for big eaters. For an appetizer, might we suggest gabagool?

The cult-favorite TV show may have had a short run, but remains incredibly popular to this day. Fans of the show will gleefully devour the recipes in this book, from Kaylee’s Strawberry Shortcake to Jayne’s Spaghetti Casserole to Mal’s Spare Ribs. These dishes are sure to keep them full on their next smuggling run. Plus, each recipe has a few lines written in the voice of the character, making this a thoughtful gift for any Firefly fan.

If you’ve already made your way through the first Outlander cookbook, good news: There’s a second one, with 100 new recipes inspired by the show. These comfort-food recipes include dishes like Bacon Savories, Herbed Roasted Salmon, Tarragon Deviled Eggs and other cozy re-imagined classics inspired by the characters’ adventures across the Atlantic and (you guessed it) back again.

Fancy a Bridgerton watch party? You better be ready to serve bites like Roasted Pork Belly Skewers, Sausage-Stuffed Mushroom Caps and finger sandwiches. Wash it all down with an espresso martini or two to keep your energy up for hours of twirling around the ballroom.

Can’t choose a favorite TV show or movie? You don’t have to, thanks to this cookbook that brings together recipes from a ton of series and films. Before you know it you’ll be sipping on a cup of Flanders’ Hot Chocolate from The Simpsons or chowing down on Mad Men-inspired Beef Wellington and lemon pepper wings from Atlanta.

If you’ve sought out the cheery comfort of The Great British Bake-Off anytime in the last few years, you’ve probably wondered if you could manage to make some of the treats from the show. Though there are many Great British Bake-Off cookbooks out there, we’d recommend this one as a friendly introduction to easy baking recipes. It uses “straightforward, easy-to-follow techniques” and promises “foolproof” recipes.

Superfans of the warmly funny sitcom will love this book, which pays tribute to New Girl moments with 40 recipes like “Gave Me Cookie, Got You Cookies” and “The Sauce.” As if that weren’t enough, an excerpt of Nick Miller’s debut novel “Z is for Zombie” is also included in this cookbook, meaning you should add it to your cart immediately.

This cookbook includes more than 50 recipes inspired by the Disney movie. Whether you’re learning to make authentic Mexican cuisine or want to ignite a passion for cooking in your Coco-loving kids, this book is a valuable resource. Before you know it, you’ll be whipping up tamales, pan dulce, churros and more.

Readers of this book will quickly find that there are more variations on the simple hamburger than you might think. These 75 burger recipes are taken from the show, and superfans will no doubt appreciate the references to Bob’s Burgers and the way this cookbook helps bring the burgers into the real world. We’ll be over here fantasizing about the “A Good Manchego is Hard to Find Burger,” topped with shallots, Manchego cheese and a big serving of fig jam.

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