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These Brutal, Ultra-Rare AMG Hammers Don’t Care About Your Comfort—and That’s the Point

These Brutal, Ultra-Rare AMG Hammers Don’t Care About Your Comfort—and That’s the Point

Patina Collective

Last week, Mercedes-Benz USA threw a helluva watch party for the 2024 Canadian F1 Grand Prix. Held at the marque’s namesake stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, the day-long fete featured live race commentary (by proper Brits), racing simulators for excited wanna-be F1 pilots, and a lengthy live performance by Ludacris (an MBUSA ambassador and Merc-fanatic). However, the true stars of the day? A smattering of pristine early AMGs on display, including a couple of Hammers, highly-prized unicorns from the engineering wizards in Affalterbach. 

The event started with a simple premise, per its creator Rob Moran, director of communications for MBUSA: recreate the in-person experience at the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Paddock Club and bring it to Atlanta. “To help unlock the passion of the Mercedes enthusiast community organically, we knew pre-merger AMG-era cars would provide the perfect gravitation point,” says Moran. “I’ve admired The Patina Collective and Blakley Leonard, who are true authorities on this period, and invited them to partner with us.” 

And they brought the heat. The Patina Collective, a 300-plus collection of rare, tuned Mercedes from the Eighties and Nineties founded by Daniel Hassan and Victor Ibrahim, turned up with two exceedingly stunning Hammers. Blakely Leonard, founder of MB Market, the first online auction platform exclusively for Mercedes-Benz cars and parts, displayed his Renntech E60 sedan, and a one-of-one E60 RS 4Matic Wagon (also by Renntech.) We had the owners walk us through their rides.

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