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Tony Goldwyn to Attend Reproductive Rights Event in New Hampshire

Tony Goldwyn to Attend Reproductive Rights Event in New Hampshire

Tony Goldwyn is heading to New Hampshire.

The veteran actor and multihyphenate is scheduled to appear at a campaign event in Concord on Monday, June 24, a date that coincides with the two-year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case. The controversial ruling overturned Roe v. Wade and eliminated federal protections for abortion.

Goldwyn is scheduled to attend a reproductive rights mobilization event at which he will be joined by state politicos and Kaitlyn Kash, a Texas woman who made headlines after being forced to leave the state to terminate her pregnancy when she learned that her baby would likely not survive birth or would die shortly after. An ultrasound detected that the baby had a severe condition known as skeletal dysplasia, but her doctor refused an abortion because of the laws. Kash joined 19 women and two doctors in filing a lawsuit to challenge Texas abortion laws.

On the bill with Goldwyn and Kash are New Hampshire Democratic Party chair Raymond Buckley, state senate Democratic leader Donna Soucy, state House deputy Democratic leader Alexis Simpson and other state leaders. New Hampshire is the only state in New England without proactive abortion protections included in state laws.

The event is one in a massive series orchestrated by President Joe Biden‘s reelection campaign. As previously reported, there are upwards of 30 events happening in the coming days to mark the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision and to show the chasm in abortion views and policies of incumbent Biden and his Republican challenger, former President Donald Trump.

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In a recent NBC News report, Morgan Mohr, a senior adviser for reproductive rights on the Biden campaign, said they plan to “show voters exactly what [Trump] has done to women” across the United States. “What you’re going to see this anniversary is every arm, every single piece of muscle on this campaign is going to be mobilized on this issue and part of this effort. We’ve seen it work, and we’re really excited to leverage this moment. And we’re also excited to keep doing that every week for the next 20 weeks until we win this election.”

Goldwyn has been a longtime Democratic supporter, and he even offered advice earlier this spring to President Biden ahead of his State of the Union address back in March.

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