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Tyrese Gibson Movie From Snoop Dogg Gets Summer Release

Tyrese Gibson Movie From Snoop Dogg Gets Summer Release

Lionsgate is going back to the early 1990s this summer, with help from Tyrese Gibson and Snoop Dogg.

The company announced Monday that it will release director Ariel Vromen’s crime thriller 1992 in theaters Aug. 30. Snoop Dogg has boarded the feature as executive producer through his Death Row Pictures production company, with Gibson (known for the Fast & Furious franchise) starring alongside Scott Eastwood and the late Ray Liotta in one of his final movie roles.

In 1992, Gibson stars as Mercer, who is attempting to restart his life and patch things up with his son (Christopher A’mmanuel) at the time of the Los Angeles uprising over the Rodney King verdict. Meanwhile, Mercer is about to encounter a father and son (Liotta and Eastwood) who are aiming to steal catalytic converters from the factory where Mercer works.

Vromen (The Iceman) directed the film from a screenplay he co-wrote with Sascha Penn. Vromen, Penn, Andreas Rommel, Maurice Fadida and Adam Kolbrenner serve as producers. 1992 reunites Snoop Dogg and Gibson, who previously co-starred in John Singleton’s 2001 drama Baby Boy.

“1992 was a life-changing time for me, from Deep Cover to The Chronic,” Snoop Dogg said in a statement. “But as things in my life were coming together, everything in L.A. was coming apart. 1992 is a heist movie that really captures all of that. This movie is about an L.A. moment. Ariel made an outstanding film that depicts this moment in time. From my first encounter with Tyrese in Baby Boy to the performance in 1992, I had to be a part of this. And it’s only fitting that the film come out under Death Row Pictures as Death Row is synonymous with L.A. culture in the ’90s, ya dig?”

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In his own statement, Gibson praised Snoop Dogg for joining the film and added his gratitude about having worked with Liotta, who died in May 2022 at age 67. “Ray Liotta blessed all of us in life while doing this film,” Gibson said. “For 1992 to be Ray’s last offering, we all feel so fortunate to have captured such a masterful and chilling performance.”

Additionally, Lionsgate Motion Picture Group chair Fogelson thanked Gibson for his work in a statement: “I’m grateful to have had a front row seat to the infectious enthusiasm and talent Tyrese has brought to the many projects we’ve worked on together over the years.” Fogelson also said about Snoop Dogg, “He clearly has found a personal connection to the material, which makes his team at Death Row Pictures the perfect partners.”

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