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Verizon Home Internet Streaming Deals Include Netflix, YouTube TV

Verizon Home Internet Streaming Deals Include Netflix, YouTube TV

Verizon is bringing a new bundle that includes significant entertainment options to market, but this time it is gearing it toward home internet customers.

As part of a major brand refresh that will also see the company debut a new logo and loyalty program, the telecom giant will also roll out what it is calling “myHome,” a program for home internet customers that combines connectivity, live TV, streaming apps and other services.

A customer who signs up will choose between Fios, 5G or LTE home internet plans, and then for another $10 per month can choose from a menu of streaming services, including Netflix & Max (with ads), the Disney Bundle (including Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+), YouTube Premium, and a Walmart+ membership with an included Paramount+ subscription.

They can then choose a live TV option (either Verizon’s own Fios TV or YouTube TV), and other options like cloud storage. Users can change their selections at any time, with pricing guaranteed for four years.

According to Sowmyanarayan Sampath, CEO of Verizon Consumer, the plan was created in part because home entertainment offerings “can be overwhelming” for consumers.

“With myHome, they now have the transparency and price guarantee they deserve on reliable internet, and an easy way to choose the best entertainment options with exclusive savings,” Sampath said. “MyHome takes the complexity out – fully customize your subscriptions and connected home needs all in one place to match your lifestyle – without having to carry features or content you don’t need.”

The brand refresh, meanwhile, will see the company launch a new logo and brand campaign (the big change is moving away from the Verizon checkmark, with the “V” in Verizon adding a yellow glow), including a commercial that references its old “Can you hear me now?” campaign.

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It is also launching a loyalty program called Verizon Access with pre-sales and giveaways to events like upcoming NFL games, Copa America matches, and Jelly Roll’s upcoming tour.

“Verizon is a strong, trusted brand that plays a critical role in people’s lives, but most of what we do is often invisible and behind the scenes. We want to make the invisible, visible,” said Leslie Berland, Verizon’s CMO, in a statement. “The new logo, design system and creative approach pulls inspiration from the company’s heritage while infusing the energy, vibrancy, and experience of life powered by everything Verizon offers.”

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