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Watch Anthony Mackie, Ricky Martin and THR’s Comedy Actor Roundtable

Watch Anthony Mackie, Ricky Martin and THR’s Comedy Actor Roundtable

Perception, in entertainment, can be everything — and the men of The Hollywood Reporter‘s annual Comedy Actor Emmy Roundtable know that better than most. When they recently gathered, the first order of business was rehashing some of the more bizarre feedback they’ve received over the years.

“I shaved my head for a movie and was told that my head was too perfectly round — that I looked like the brown ball on the pool table,” says Anthony Mackie, star of Peacock’s Twisted Metal. “Well, first of all, that’s a compliment, sir! But I’ve never shaved my head again.”

For The Gentlemen star Theo James, it’s a matter of mistaken identity. “I got told I look like Justin Bieber,” he says. “Since then, everything I wear, I try to look 50 and above — terrified that I will resemble the Biebs.”

When Kelsey Grammer (Frasier) rebuts that Bieber is a “nice-looking kid,” James clarifies that that’s exactly the problem: “[This] was when he was about 12.”

Shady reviews, other cases of mistaken identity and aesthetic critiques are also laid bare when John Goodman (The Conners and The Righteous Gemstones), Ricky Martin (Palm Royale) and Bowen Yang (Saturday Night Live) joined the other trio on an April afternoon at Santa Monica’s Georgian Hotel. They talk about the pressure to stay in certain lanes (and the challenges breaking out of them), the crisis points in their wildly different careers — like when Martin bailed during the homestretch of an arena tour at the height of his pop fame — and the big auditions that didn’t go anywhere. “I auditioned and didn’t get The Wire,” says Mackie. “Every Black dude was on The Wire except me.”

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Watch the full discussion now.

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