The transition from summer to fall is the most exciting season in terms of produce; late summer fruits and vegetables are still at the farm stand and squash, beets and other autumn treats are arriving at the market as well. We’re not ready for stews or chili or Boeuf Bourguignon and certainly don’t want to spend some of the nicest days of the year watching the stove, but we are eating slightly heavier foods than in summer. Wines with light to medium tannins, full mouthfeel, complex texture, and good acidity should be on the menu as well to pair with the wide variety of tastes we encounter this time of year.

Just as we don’t have to limit ourselves to one type of food, we don’t have to limit our wine choices either. Full bodied whites with some oak aging, rosé that is also aged in oak, and reds with softer tannins such as Pinot Noir are perfect crossover wines to enjoy with meals as days grow shorter and nights become cooler.