A Complete Mooncake Buying Information For Mid-Autumn Competition 2022

We love news of an upcoming long weekend but what makes it absolutely sweeter are the festive delights that come in celebration of it. For Mid-Autumn Festival this year, we’ll be celebrating with boxes and boxes of mooncakes. From tea-infused options to kumquat fillings to vegan delights, here is our guide to the best the city has to offer.  

Rosewood Hong Kong

Chef May Chow with her “A Sense of Place®” collection

Although picnicking on the moon isn’t something we’d likely be able to do in the near future (looking at you, Elon Musk!), Rosewood Hong Kong’s “Picnic on the Moon” mooncakes might be as out-of-the-world as you’d be able to get this Mid-Autumn Festival. For the traditionalists, Chinese executive chef Li Chi-Wai’s white and yellow lotus seed paste mooncakes – both filled indulgently with double egg yolks – are sure to satisfy. The curious might be intrigued by the hotel’s mini assorted-flavoured creations, including flavours such as jasmine tea-infused egg custard, lapsang souchong lotus seed paste and red bean paste with Mandarin peel in a neat set of six. 

But for the most adventurous, the hotel has enlisted the genius of chef May Chow, a Rosewood PlaceMaker, whose created a limited-edition, tea-flavoured “A Sense of Place®” collection for this year’s Mid-Autumn. Chow’s mooncake creation is a homage to a city-wide favourite – lemon tea – by sifting grounded Fujian Oolong into white lotus seed, before rounding out the grass notes with chocolate, caramel, fresh lemon juice and – surprise! – locally-made sweet Kowloon soy sauce. 

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Duddell’s Signature Gift Box

A gift that keeps on giving, Duddell’s decadent lava cream egg custard mooncakes are housed in stunning, sustainable Hong-Chong Ip designs made in tea residue-based packaging materials that are 100 percent biodegradable. So as the seasonal, custardy delights by Duddell’s chef Yip Kar On whittle down to crumbs, you’ll still have the now-empty gift hamper as souvenir. For knick-knacks! 

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Spring Moon at The Peninsula

Spring Moon’s Artisanal Mooncake Collection

Beyond The Peninsula’s widely sought-after egg custard minis that have, since 1986, launched a legion of copycats in this custardy genre, Spring Moon, under the leadership of Chinese cuisine executive chef Lam Yuk Ming, will, yet again, aim to delight and surprise with a brand-new mooncake flavour: sesame paste mochi. Mid-autumn has always been time for being with loved ones and chef Lam, who recalls a childhood sharing steamed sesame and lotus-seed paste buns with his family, created this special new flavour in sweet dedication – from him and his, to you and yours. Each come in a set of six. 

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Yong Fu

Yong Fu’s durian mooncakes

If you’ve just had a visceral reaction to reading the word “durian”, keep on scrolling. But for the lovers of the pungent fruit, you’d be happy to hear: Yong Fu, the Hong Kong outpost of Shanghai one-Michelin-starred Ningbo eatery, is celebrating this month’s full moon with the King of Fruits. Featuring Musang King Durian Snowskin Mooncakes and BlackThorn Durian Snowskin Mooncake – three of each in each six-piece set – are made with durian flown fresh from Malaysia. And once you’re ready to devour, rest the mooncakes at room temperature for 10 minutes for the texture of cake; 20 minutes for a thick, ice cream-like texture and a half-hour for a molten-liquid finish. 

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W Hong Kong

W Hong Kong Mooncake Gift Set

“LIGHT UP. PLAY ON” – an all-new limited edition mooncake box by W Hong Kong showcases a stylish and vibrant design that sets a playful mood for this year’s Mid-autumn festival. Flavors of all the tasty treats presented in a colourful box include Lava Egg Custard, White Lotus Seed Custard as well as new creamy Lava Sesame Egg Custard. After enjoying delicious mooncakes transform the stylish box into a piece of décor or a “record player” storage box. 

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Dalloyau Mooncake Gift Set

Prestigious brand Dalloyau brings the French culinary tradition to life with their new Paris Moon mooncake gift box. This year’s Mid-autumn Festival Dalloyau introduces two novel flavours – 80% Valrhona Guanaja Chocolate Egg Custard which is a perfect treat for chocolate lovers and New Zealand manuka Honey Egg Custard that gives a refreshing edge to each bite. Delicacies are packaged in a box that represents a blend between east and west – traditional festival elements like Jade Rabbits and Chinese lanterns harmonise perfectly with a symbol of Paris, the Eiffel tower.  

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The Landmark Mandarin Oriental 

The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Mooncake Set

Promoting both sustainability and fashion, The Landmark Mandarin Oriental relaunches their stylish, reusable mooncake bag as this Mid-Autumn Festival’s gift for your loved ones. The handbags are decorated with shades of yellow and white, bringing out the joyous atmosphere of the festival. Each handbag contains six classic egg custard mooncakes with silky-smooth filling and an indulgent, buttery crust. The full set of stylish handbags is available online until 10 September. 

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The Langham

The Langham “Moments in Bloom” Mooncake Box

The Langham slides into our hearts with ease this year with a new rendition of their annual collectable floral mooncake box. Three Michelin-starred T’ang Court presents two classic flavours: the signature Mini Egg Custard and the White Lotus Paste with Double Egg Yolks, available in boxes of six and four mooncakes respectively.

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Dang Wen Li by Dominique Ansel

Dang Wen Li by Dominique Ansel Mooncake Box

Dang Wen Li by Dominique Ansel introduces their Hong Kong exclusive mooncake gift box inspired by the festive family tradition of carving lanterns out of thick-peeled pomelos. When switched on, the box radiates a soft glow through the constellation silhouettes, conveying the spirit of the Moon Festival. Inside you will find six hand-crafted mooncakes, including chocolate custard and classic custard filling encased in a golden pastry crust. 

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Creo by Brentwood  

Creo by Brentwood Mooncakes

Creo by Brentwood presents contemporary touches to the mooncake tradition by introducing a gift set with three uniquely flavoured mooncakes: Manuka Honey Egg Custard — egg custard infused with manuka honey; Earl Grey Tea Custard — creamy Earl Grey flavoured custard filling representing Creo’s specialty tea offerings; and a Coffee Lava Custard — a custard filling infused with Arabica coffee and a lava centre. Creo’s mooncake gift sets are a part of the brand’s mission to support local businesses and inspire connections with Hong Kong’s artists and artisans. 

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The Peninsula 

mooncake 2022
The Peninsula Mooncakes

Chef Tang Chi Keung of The Peninsula pays homage to age-old traditions with a tart, salty lemon white lotus seed paste mooncake this year. In line with the brand’s opulent offerings for a full tasting experience, their “Moon Gazing” gift set comes with a set of porcelain tea service and a tin of the finest Pu Er tea.  

Additionally, Chef Baptiste Villefranque of The Peninsula Boutique and Café presents a new festival-inspired pastry – Luna. Filled with yolk-like jelly topping and accented with a layer of fine white chocolate, this new imagining demonstrates the creative skills of the chef. Luna is available exclusively at The Peninsula Boutique and Café and online boutique as an individual- or four-piece gift box. 

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Grand Hyatt

Wellington Mooncake by Grand Hyatt

For those who are looking for something less traditional, Grand Hyatt presents a creative mooncake collection in collaboration with up-and-coming gourmet brand Phoebe’s Kitchen. Gift your meat-loving friends with the brand’s Wellington Mooncakes – US Angus beef wrapped with light pastry with all the toppings of the classic dish including Parma ham, mushrooms, foie gras and black truffle sauce. Besides this savoury option, customers can also enjoy various classic mooncakes from the hotel’s Chinese restaurant One Harbour Road.  

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mooncake 2022
COVA Mooncakes

COVA’s giftboxes perfectly convey the spirit of the festival’s joy and warmth with full moon stamps on orange-shaded boxes symbolizing a moon shining over us this season. In their wide variety of mooncake collections, COVA presents a new Lava Chocolate Mooncake infused with oozing chocolate filling and wrapped in light, buttery pastry. Besides the new flavour, dessert lovers will be able to enjoy an assortment of the classics including Egg Custard, Cranberry Custard, and White Lotus Seed Paste mooncakes.  

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Cocoparadise Mooncake Set

Cocoparadise, founded by 40 Under 40 alum Valerie Chiu, celebrates this year’s Mid-Autumn festival with 100% plant based vegan mooncakes. For those missing travel, delight in delicious flavours of coconut and Thai tea while enjoying a guilt-free experience for health-conscious customers. Sets of four mooncakes are packaged in beautiful blue and yellow boxes and are available at Early Bird pricing before 14 August. 

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Date by TATE 

Date by TATE Gift Box

Date by TATE takes a different approach towards the creation of their gift box with Chef Vicky Lau and Head Pastry Chef Graff Kwok assembling a collection of seasonal desserts packaged in a reusable wooden gift box, wrapped in a furoshiki-style scarf. Sweets contained in the boxes include Osmanthus sables, pecan cookies, pistachio marshmallow biscuits as well as other desserts that will delight the eye and palate of any sweet tooth during this year’s festival. 

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Ying Jee Club 

mooncake 2022
Ying Jee Club Mooncake Set

In celebration of this year’s Mid-Autumn festival, two Michelin-star Cantonese restaurant Ying Jee Club launches a fresh collection of kumquat mooncakes, handcrafted by Chef Siu Hin-chi and his culinary team. The set of six citrus and egg custard flavoured mooncakes comes packaged in an elegant teal jewel box and is now available for pre-order.  

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The Coffee Academics 

The Coffee Academics Mooncakes

The Coffee Academics, known for their high-quality coffee experiences, celebrates this year’s festival with “Brewing into Moonshine” – a selection of six delicious mooncakes, half of which are infused with the brand’s rich house blended coffee, while the other half are filled with Valrhona Guanaja chocolate and custard.  

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Paul Lafayet 

mooncake 2022
Paul Lafayete Mooncakes

Innovative French dessert brand Paul Lafayet teams up again with French illustrator Emilie Sarnel to introduce their giftboxes inspired by the ancient legend of the Jade Rabbit. The set includes four flavors: Earl Grey, Manuka Honey, Green Tea, and the signature dessert of the brand – French Crème Brûlée. Early Bird pricing is available before the 31 August. 

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Fortnum and Mason  

Fortnum and Mason Mooncake Set

Celebrated for their teas, Fortnum and Mason demonstrates their expertise in the department with their luxurious tea and mooncake pairing gift boxes available in three flavors: Matcha, Earl Grey, and Royal Blend mooncakes. The matcha mooncake is served with sweet Victoria Grey Tea; the Earl Grey flavour is doubly enhanced with the floral tones of bergamot with the Earl Grey tea; and finally, this year’s new Royal Blend mooncake is paired with the brand’s signature Royal Blend Tea. 

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Lady M  

mooncake 2022
Lady M Mooncakes

Lady M’s famous miniature mooncakes that embody elegance and simplicity are available in this year’s limited-edition Glowing Lights Mooncake Gift Set. On top of the lantern-shaped box sits a golden rabbit, symbolizing the abundant autumn harvest. This box contains six mooncakes with three decadent flavours: Caramel Coffee, Purple Yam Custard, and a fan-favourite Earl Grey flavour.  

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The Cakery 

mooncake 2022
The Cakery Mooncake set

Those who want to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival with healthy desserts can enjoy The Cakery’s set of four vegan mooncakes. All treats are made with high-quality natural ingredients without any preservatives and presented in recyclable origami-like package. Mooncake flavours include Black Sesame Lava, Yuzu Blueberry, Mango Lava, and Yame Hojicha Chocolate and are significantly lower in sugar and fats compared to traditional mooncakes. 

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Hero image courtesy of Duddell’s, featured image courtesy of Ying Jee Club

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