Bardstown’s New Bourbon Is an Intriguing Mix of 5 Whiskeys From 3 Completely different States

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What do you get when you blend together five different bourbons made from five different mash bills in three different states? If you’re Bardstown Bourbon Company, the answer is a new entry in the distillery’s Discovery Series that is worth tracking down, and we have the details to share.

Bardstown Bourbon Company is a distillery in Bardstown, the center of the Kentucky bourbon world, that also sources barrels for its various whiskeys and contract distills for other brands. The Discovery Series is meant to highlight the art of blending, a sometimes overlooked but crucial aspect of the American whiskey production process. To that end, BBC has sourced five different bourbons for this new blend, and they are as follows–62 percent nine-year-old Kentucky bourbon (78 percent corn, 13 percent rye, 9 percent malted barley), 18 percent 13-year-old Kentucky bourbon (75/13/12), eight percent six-year-old Kentucky bourbon (53/26/21), 10 percent 10-year-old Georgia bourbon (80 percent corn, 10 percent rye, five percent wheat, five percent malted barley), and two percent 10-year-old Tennessee bourbon (84/8/8).

There are several interesting components in this whiskey, including the inclusion of a Kentucky bourbon with just over the legally required amount of corn and a high percentage of malt, an older Georgia bourbon, and just a tiny dash of decently aged Tennessee bourbon (likely from George Dickel based on the mash bill). “We’re excited to introduce a new look and feel on the packaging of Discovery #10,” said VP of product development Dan Callaway in a statement. “Inside you’ll find a trailblazing blend, rooted in Kentucky that explores innovative flavor from unexpected sources. We know there is a lot of delicious bourbon to be discovered out there, and we love to explore the art of blending to create singular expressions that can’t be replicated.” The bourbon is bottled at 114.24 proof and per the official tasting notes has toasted pecan, maple, and baked cherry on the nose, and vanilla cream, hazelnut, and cocoa on the palate.

Bardstown Bourbon Company Discovery Series #10 (SRP $140) is available now at the distillery and via Seelbach’s. You can also find older releases in this series and others from retailers like Total Wine.

Source: Robb Report

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