Bentley to Open a Members-Solely Membership in Manchester

Some may not know that while Bentley produces some of the world’s most luxurious automobiles, it has always dedicated a huge amount of attention and capital into the realm of audio, too. Thereby, as an upcoming project, the impressive Bentley Record Room is set to open in a new concert arena in the UK.

The United Kingdom is set to welcome its largest indoor arena, the Co-op Live, which can capacitate up to 23,000 people inside the venue. As part of this, Bentley has jumped in with an exclusive member-only Bentley Record Room to elevate your whole concert-going experience.

Image credit: Bentley

The club has a capacity of 100 members and will be located within the Co-op Live, specifically beside the performers’ Green Room. This means that club members will have access to the club before, during, and after the performance. They will enjoy offerings such as a fine dining, a private host and waiter, designated parking, a VIP entrance, access to special events, and some of the best tickets to the shows.

Not leaving behind its own legacy, the Bentley Record Room still exhibits its signature ambience in the interiors designed by the Bentley Design Team. The club is decorated to replicate the feel of its luxurious automobiles, with low-carbon Beluga leather seating and Bentley Home furniture.

The perks that come with the intimate and elegant club will certainly facilitate concert-going for music lovers, as Bentley has long considered itself one devotee of the music experience as well.

Co-op Live is expected to open in Manchester by the end of 2023. For more information on the Bentley Record Room, visit the website.

Source: Prestige Online

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