Brugal Is Solely Releasing 50 Bottles of Its New Extremely-Premium Rum within the US

Rare, limited-edition spirits releases no longer belong solely to the whiskey world. In fact, there are some rum expressions that rival aged single malts in terms of price and scarcity, like the new release from Dominican brand Brugal.

There are only 460 bottles of Andres Brugal (named after the founder) available worldwide, with just 50 arriving at specialty retailers in the US with an SRP of $2,800 each. Fifth-generation maestra ronera Jassil Villanueva Quintana is the woman behind this high-end release, which according to the brand was created in one single batch. It’s a blend of two double-aged rums which spent time in both first-fill American oak bourbon barrels and Oloroso sherry casks. “This limited-edition bottling is a journey that started over a century ago,” said Quintana in a statement. “Andrés Brugal combines special single cask family reserves and our signature double aging technique to tell a dual story of my family’s legacy of rum making, as well as my own as maestra ronera.”

Official tasting notes for this rum include cacao and coffee on the palate, followed by dulce de leche, vanilla, oak, ripe berries, peppercorn and cloves. “Quintessentially Dominican flavors combine to create an extraordinary liquid of astounding character that pushes the boundaries of discovery,” said Quintana. “With a touch of sweetness on the nose and a well-rounded, long-lasting mouthfeel, this full-bodied rum is a true celebration of the distinctive flavors of Puerto Plata.” As usual, such a rarified release comes in a bottle to match. The liquid is encased in a hand-blown crystal decanter that is housed inside a display cabinet meant to evoke traveling cases used to transport rare rums in the past.

Andres Brugal arrives at a moment in which other rare rums expressions are hitting the market commanding prices more associated with whiskey. Recent examples include Mount Gay Master Blender Collection: Madeira Cask, Angostura Zenith and Appleton Estate Ruby Anniversary Edition. If you manage to get your hands on a bottle of Andres Brugal, remember you can drink it any way you please—but maybe use that bottle of Bacardi Silver to make a Rum and Coke instead.

Source: Robb Report