Bugatti’s New London Café Will Serve You a $60 Shot of Espresso

Bugatti, the French automobile company, has long been in the business of trying to create the perfect car, now it’s trying to pull the perfect shot.

The marque has opened its first espresso bar at its London showroom, allowing the public access to what was previously an invitation-only location. Ettore’s Espresso Bar at H.R. Owen Bugatti in Mayfair is named after the company’s founder and patron, Ettore Bugatti, and serves up all your typical coffee drinks: espresso, lattes, Americanos and the like.  But the showstopper is the Ettore Shot, a $60 pull of espresso served in a cup made from the carbon fiber that usually adorns Bugatti’s cars. Partaking in the special drink also gains you full access to the showroom and its lounge area so you can peruse the automobiles you previously needed an invitation to see.

The Ettore Shot 

Krishan Parmar

One of the company’s latest hypercars serves as a café backdrop, and the showroom is decorated with various company merch, like the Bugatti Home Collection furniture. The Bugatti chairs, in particular, were specially designed with the same leather and blue-tinted carbon fiber found in and on the marque’s spectacular vehicles.

After taking your shot the trained barista pulls from the high-end Italian-made Ausonia espresso machine, Bugatti ambassadors are on hand to walk you through everything you’d want to learn about the brand. They’ve had the rare privilege of getting to drive the automobiles, and know the 113-year-old company from head to toe, according to Elite Traveler.

Of course, the person buying a $60 cup of espresso maybe isn’t the same person buying a $3 million Bugatti. But if you are interested in further repping the brand, the Mayfair showroom is one of the only locations that features the company’s full range of merch, including hats, clothes and watches. We can definitely lift our carbon-fiber cups to that.

Source: Robb Report

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