Executive Chef Ken Kwok of Bifteck on Culinary Fusion and Princess Wagyu

Led by Executive Chef Ken Kwok, French-Japanese steakhouse Bifteck breathes a breath of fresh air into QRE Plaza in Wan Chai.

Launched late last year in the midst of a lockdown, Bifteck — French for “steak” — is pushing ahead this season with a new brunch experience, served every Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5pm.

“Our new weekend brunch is a chilled, relaxing opportunity to encounter unique premium steakhouse and seafood fare, inviting diners to let their imaginations to run wild and embrace new dishes including rare specialties like Kyoto Princess wagyu,” says Bifteck’s Executive Chef Ken Kwok, who’d previously encountered the premium cut in his stint at a Japanese Michelin-starred restaurant.

Discerning drinkers will also appreciate the two-hour free flow add-on of an acclaimed Languedoc sparkling rosé —Mas de Daumas Gassac Rosé Frizant.

In Conversation with Ken Kwok, Executive Chef of Bifteck

Bifteck / Executive Chef Ken Kwok

In what way do you blend Japanese and French culinary techniques in Bifteck?

I strive to create a steakhouse which is delicate and meticulous. In Bifteck, we focus on every minor detail, such as the sauces, flavours and combinations. It is my intention to emphasise the characteristics and substances of these details through my French cooking style. Every steak is paired with its designated sauce, every dish originates from my desire to provide a unique feast.

From the raw ingredients on the menu, to our main character – wagyu from various countries, they all represent the Japanese role at Bifteck. Take our signature dish Slow Cooked A5 Rump with Mushroom and Beef Consommé as an example, fusing Japanese ingredients and French cooking style together invents an iconic label at our Japanese-French Steakhouse.

Considering your two variations of the brunch menu, which (meat or seafood) would you say is more challenging to create, and why?

The Wagyu Set is quite a challenge for me to create, mainly because different cuts different tastes, flavours and textures. I hope to make use of different types and parts of wagyu to bring customers a unique experience. In my very own opinion, seafood is relatively easier to handle when compared to meat.

For first timers to the restaurant, which dishes should they absolutely order?

My advice would be to choose dishes that signify Bifteck’s French-Japanese steakhouse concept: The Slow Cooked Rump, Flap Meat Skewers, Red Prawn Pasta, Crab Meat Brioche and Wagyu Sirloin Tataki Roll are my top recommendations.

Bifteck brunch seafood platter

Do you have anything special planned for the reopening of dinner service next week?

A new a la carte menu with new dry-aged meat dishes, more deluxe and unique beef cuts will be introduced, inviting diners to enjoy the long-lost dining-out experience in the evening. Watch this space!

Bifteck, 23/F, QRE Plaza, 202 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai; +852 2246 880

Source: Prestige Online

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