Fortunate and Unfortunate Colors for Gemini: Harness the Energy of Your Spirit Shades

Forever adaptive, talkative, flirtatious and always very busy, a Gemini’s position on the zodiac chart is akin to that of a colourful social butterfly. Always appearing to be in two minds, people belonging to this sign, denoted by the twins, are curiously intelligent and wallow in their duplicity. And to ensure that the world sees the best of this air sign, a Gemini should be aware of the colours that are lucky and unlucky for it.

Every zodiac on the wheel is symbolised by a certain planet which radiates specific shades on the colour spectrum. These colours are said to perfectly match the vibrations of that particular zodiac sign and are conducive to its overall growth, both practically and spiritually.

Western and Vedic astrology both give importance to colours while analysing the birth chart of an individual, which includes one’s zodiac sign along with their rising and ascendant signs. While some colours bring in a lot of love and luck, there are some hues that the zodiacs must steer clear of if they want to optimise their life to the fullest.

Gemini is the third sign among the 12 zodiacs and is ruled by the planet Mercury, which is said to be the god of communication as per several cultures across the world. This mutable zodiac sign can adapt to varied situations and is always open to exploring new ideas and broadening their horizons.

A Gemini’s lucky colours complement its inner traits and quirks and these are also in tandem with its astrological placement along with planetary movements associated with its celestial path.

Easy, breezy hues for the twins: Unleash the magic of these lucky colours for the Gemini


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This is a cool colour that perfectly suits the mercurial temperament of the twins and even helps bring their anxious nerves a notch down, hence it is considered a lucky colour for Geminis. Having this colour around or wearing green clothing can usher in good luck for this zodiac sign.

The green colour also stands for growth, nature and harmony, which is required to lead a fulfilling life as that of a Gemini.


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One of the most important reasons why this colour is deemed lucky for Geminis is because it is also the colour of its ruling planet, Mercury. Bright colours such as yellow, dark yellow, dark brown or light yellow aptly personify Geminis. Yellow also signifies intelligence and a curious rationale. A freethinking Gemini seeking creative freedom and looking for some artistic inspiration should definitely use this colour often.

It also denotes positive energy and helps one take quick and fair decisions. This quality is especially useful for this sign that always struggles with inner turmoil brought in by conflicting ideas.


colour gemini
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There is nothing more precious than the freedom that Geminis hold on to so dearly. And what’s better to symbolise the feeling of taking a flight into imagination or diving deep into our curious minds than the sky or a sea? Blue symbolises the freethinking trait of this air sign.

Red alert for Geminis to stay away from these unlucky colours


lucky colour for Gemini
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Bold and fierce, the colour red is a bit harsh on the eye and is not suitable for Geminis. This colour brings negative vibrations and diminishes positivity from this zodiac’s life. It also makes them more anxious and triggers confusing thoughts that might lead to chaotic actions. Red is also used to denote danger and that itself should be a warning sign for the conflict-hating Geminis.


lucky colour for Gemini
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The general vibe of Geminis is fun and very light. The black colour is foreboding and intense, which kills the chirpy essence of this sign. Gray, which is a lighter shade of black, is also known to be energy-draining for the twins. These colours are said to shut out communication which is this mutable air sign’s core personality trait.


lucky colour of Gemini
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The colour orange’s warm vibe could be mistaken as friendly for Geminis but it is not so. The colour denotes fickleness and a general discerning outlook towards life. These are the negative traits of this zodiac sign that bring bad luck and must be kept in check in order to lead a fully balanced daily life.

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