From Mint Green to Strawberry Red, Porsche’s Luxe Paint Jobs Inspired These New Ice Cream Bars

I scream, you scream, we all scream for … Porsche-colored ice cream?

In honor of National Ice Cream Day on July 17, the German marque has partnered with the Chicago-based Pretty Cool Ice Cream to release limited-edition ice cream bars based on five custom Porsche colors, ranging from a minty green to a metallic gold. Thankfully, the colors themselves translate beyond their look, into some pretty tasty flavors.

“We genuinely thought there weren’t many things cooler than one of our special colors for your dream Porsche, but this ice cream might just have that beat,” Ayesha Coker, the vice president of marketing for Porsche Cars North America, said in a statement. “Pretty Cool Ice Cream has been as meticulous and passionate as we are about getting the color just right—and on top of that they’ve come up with delicious flavors to match.”

The Berry Metallic Porsche 


The options span both classic ice cream flavors and more creative combos. The Mint Green has a green mint cookies-and-cream ice cream surrounded by a white-chocolate shell in the same shade, while Strawberry Red contains cream-cheese ice cream within a shell made with freeze-dried strawberries. Then, there are three metallic options: The Macadamia Metallic is roasted macadamia ice cream in a sparkling chocolate shell. The Frozen Berry Metallic features black raspberry ice cream in a Ruby chocolate shell. And the Lime Gold Metallic puts key-lime-pie ice cream in a caramel shell.

“My uncle, ‘Targa Dan,’ has always had a passion for restoring Porsche cars and has brought over 200 cars back to life over the last 50 years, so I grew up very close to the brand,” Dana Salls Cree, the owner of Pretty Cool Ice Cream, said in a statement. “Similar to all Porsche sports cars, the ice cream pops are truly a passion project that I couldn’t be more excited to share.”

The Porsche collab is just the latest entry in storied car companies enhancing their brand via food or drink. Earlier this week, Bugatti debuted its first-ever espresso bar at its London showroom.

The Porsche and Pretty Cool Ice Cream pops will be on sale Sunday at the ice cream shop’s Lincoln Park location in Chicago, and will become available later this year at select Porsche events. What a great summer treat for car lovers and ice cream lovers alike.

Source: Robb Report

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