Grand Majestic Sichuan: Head Chef Robert Wong on Black Sheep’s Latest Concept

Located in Central’s Alexandra House in a stylish and eclectic space, Grand Majestic Sichuan, Black Sheep‘s latest concept, is a celebration of Sichuan cuisine and its diverse flavour profiles.

We speak to Robert Wong, the restaurant’s head chef, about the concept, his attachment to Sichuan food and must-try dishes.

Grand Majestic Sichuan
Head Chef Robert Wong

In Conversation With Robert Wong of Grand Majestic Sichuan

What can we expect from Grand Majestic Sichuan?

At Grand Majestic Sichuan, we hope to really breathe new life into Sichuan cuisine in Hong Kong, showcasing the kind of balanced, nuanced flavour profiles and the complexity of each dish that defines this cuisine, all complemented by the sort of sleek, refined style of service you expect in this kind of glamorous setting.

What aspects of authentic Sichuan cuisine are you bringing to Hong Kong?

We take a multi-layered approach by bringing traditional recipes that I grew up with and spent my life around and pushing the boundaries much further. We really dig into the different layers of Sichuan cuisine, from spicy to tingling, garlicky, sweet, sour, bitter, smokey and even flowery. Great Sichuan food is about forming an overall symphony of flavours in any recipe, rather than falling into the misconception that there is only one kind of ‘spicy’.

Grand Majestic Sichuan
The dining room at Grand Majestic Sichuan

The décor is nostalgic and yet elegant, does the menu reflect that?

I think it does. All the small details in the décor, which contribute to create a certain atmosphere, are similar to the way all the flavour components inform the profile of a dish and the way it is experienced on the palate. It is the symphony of all of these different elements that create the Grand Majestic experience.

Tell us about some of the menu’s highlights.

My family is from Chongqing, so I would have to say that the Firecracker Chicken, Chongqing Laziji, is one of my favourites. It delivers that perfect balance of spicy and numbing that I remember so strongly from growing up. Green beans are one of my favourite vegetables, so I always recommend the Ganbian Sijidou, and you really can never go wrong with the Hong You Chao Shou, our signature pork wontons doused in a sweet aromatic soy and house-made chilli oil.

The signature Chongqing Laziji

Tell our readers about your career.

Growing up in Vancouver, my love for food started early. I come from four generations of chefs and restaurateurs and was surrounded my entire childhood by the aromas of my mom’s cooking. I graduated from Dubrulle French Culinary School and had the opportunity to work alongside and learn from some wonderfully talented chefs, including Ned Bell, Robert Clark and Quang Deng. When I moved to Hong Kong, I started working for my family’s restaurant, where we earned a Michelin Star.

Source: Prestige Online

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