Innovation & Expertise: The Macallan and Bentley Motors Are Crafting the Future

The Macallan and Bentley Motors are leaders in their fields, each having honed their respective crafts over long histories.

Despite the richness of their traditions, both brands are forward-looking — and through a unique partnership, they aim to build a better and brighter future together.

the macallan and bentley motors are crafting the future

The Macallan and Bentley Motors Are Crafting the Future

One is a luxury car manufacturer, the other a maker of exceptional whisky, but put aside their products and you’ll find that Bentley Motors and The Macallan have more in common than you might think. Both companies place great emphasis on craftsmanship, and both are innovators — pioneers in their respective industries with great heritage to draw upon.

And now, both are looking beyond their usual areas of expertise for new inspiration and values. The Macallan’s creative director Jaume Ferras, and Bentley’s head of design collaborations Brett Boydell discuss how these two industry leaders are joining forces to shape a brighter future.

“The Macallan has a long, rich history spanning close to 200 years and, just like Bentley, we’re extremely proud of this,” says Ferras. “Our two companies share a track record of taking significant decisions that have set our own unique paths to the future, demonstrating the confidence to take these bold choices forward and setting our own standards.”

Both brands have long championed the highest quality and standards in their respective fields. But now, what matters most is innovation. “In driving our own businesses forward, we’re helping inspire our wider industries to do the same and to put our decades of carefully honed craftsmanship to best use,” adds Boydell.


Jaume Ferras


Brett Boydell

For both companies, that future is rooted in sustainability. For a business whose very success depends upon tradition, The Macallan’s decision to collaborate with Bentley is a breath of fresh air, a unique opportunity that’s inspired the brand to evolve its practices and push for sustainability – and all while maintaining its illustrious standards.

The cooperation begins with communication and a deeper understanding between the two brands, followed by the development of a shared vision and goals that can be achieved together. As the quest for sustainability is now a global mission, these two industry leaders hope their joint endeavours will inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

In such a scenario, simply maintaining time-honoured standards is not, in itself, a way forward. What separates the great from the merely good is the ability to continue to raise the bar by establishing a set of entirely different benchmarks. Thus, while tradition remains key for both partners, so does the necessity for innovation.

“Scotland has a long-standing history of innovators who’ve made significant contributions to the modern world,” says Ferras.

“The Macallan shares their values. Many of the decisions we take impact future generations and we take that responsibility very seriously. We have a role to leave a legacy, as many of the previous custodians have done before us. We have an incredibly long lead on planning for The Macallan and are making decisions on casks that won’t be bottled for 20, 30, 40, 50 years and longer into the future.”

the macallan and bentley motors are crafting the future

At Bentley, innovation and creativity go hand-in-hand. “Inventions and fresh ideas are what make us tick,” says Boydell. “Working with The Macallan has encouraged the company to think laterally and look for inspiration beyond the usual parameters.”

For every goal reached, such as a new whisky launch or the development of a new vehicle, each company’s creative teams must journey through countless trials and quality checks to perfect their products. Time is a sense of luxury often overlooked but never under-appreciated and is intrinsic to both brands, who understand that the creation of great things is a process that cannot be rushed.

It will also be important for this new partnership, says Ferras: “Time will be reflected in our journey together, generating a long-term partnership in which we will invest the necessary skills, knowledge and time to gain exceptional results.

“Despite our very different industries, The Macallan and Bentley Motors are both makers. Our focus is on crafting beautiful, high-quality products that our customers will enjoy and appreciate.”

the macallan and bentley motors are crafting the future

It’s a sentiment that Boydell strongly echoes. “Designing and making things by hand will always be an integral part of Bentley design,” he says. “As technology develops, we utilise it more and more …

However, it must be combined with an element of the hand-crafted to ensure quality and unique design is always achieved. “When it comes to the products and experiences we create together, we hope to constantly challenge perceptions and exceed expectations. In devising co-branded experiences for our customers, we’ll curate money-can’t-buy, once-in-a-lifetime moments that will never be forgotten.”

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