Interview With The Los Angeles Entrepreneur Matt Stevanus Founder Of Famous Lowkey Burritos Brand

Lavish Life presents the inspirational story of the popular entrepreneur Matt Stevanus who rose to fame with his unique burrito brand concept launched in august of 2018 as a breakfast burrito only pop up which became an instant success , Matt figured if people could sell hot dogs on the street then he can do the same with his breakfast burritos . He mentioned to us that it was not easy journey , he faced many challenges and even two tragic incidents in the year 2021 but nothing stopped his determination to be successful , he never gave up and continued building his famous brand.

Matt Stevanus in 2018 started working at a breakfast restaurant making minimum wage , but he had big ambitions and dreams , he always believed that he could do something better with himself . His motivation to make changes in his life was because of his two lovely children , he wanted to give them a better life than what we he had so in August of 2018 he decided to focus on his goals and change his life for himself and his children , he quit his job and jumped full force into the street stand the same week determined to achieve success . Matt started with his first spot which was a couple blocks away from the iconic staples center in downtown LA , it was set up in a parking lot in the middle of a bunch of highrises under construction and office buildings. Matt was extremely grateful for the support he received in the early days from the office and construction workers , he mentioned that they were the ones who supported his business and started spreading the word for him about his incredibly delicious burritos.

In a very short time period Lowkey Burritos became a popular brand with a massive following , as a result Matt decided to expand his way into Long Beach , where he first set up in front of Lord Windsor Coffee every Saturday. He emphasized that the community in LB was extremely welcoming , they fell in love with his burritos which became a hit every weekend.

Matt had 3 staple spots every weekend , LA on Friday, Lord Windsor Saturday, and Torrance on Sundays. As the word spread and his success grew so did the media coverage resulting his first filming which was with Neda from losangeles_eats on instagram , her video of LowKey Burritos went viral. After the video people were contacting him from all over the US and world , they were messaging him about his food. He received coverage from Delish, Eater LA, Insider Food, Buzzfeed, Spectrum 1 news (twice), Torrance News, Long Beach Post, Food Beast, and so many others.

Matt Can you describe to Lavish Life your sales success after the food video went Viral? 

Matt : Lowkey Burritos sales sky rocketed from 80 burritos to 100 to 150 to 250+ every time they opened for only 3 hours. Around January 2021 it was so busy that he had 10 people helping him keep up with the demand. 

Can you share with our readers what exactly happened with the tragic incident which delayed your expansion? 

Matt : Thanks for asking , I tried to expand but life had other plans.  In February of 2021 I got strep throat so bad that I had to go to the hospital for steroids to open my airway and decided to close down for a few weeks because I didnt want to risk being near any staff or near anyones food. After returning in March we eased back into service with half the amount of sales. A few weeks later on April 15th 2021 my van got crushed in a 5 car accident. Someone rear ended me at like 75+ miles an hour when I was at a dead stop and we closed again. 

Lavish Life is extremely sorry to hear about these tragic incidents , please can you tell us if you are feeling better and have fully recovered? 

Matt : Thank you, Today Lowkey Burritos is still up and running and I’m almost fully recovered from the shoulder surgery from the accident. I have about 2 months left of physical therapy before I’m back to some what fully functional. Its been a little over a year since the accident and I’m feeling better than before I’ve learned to kind of just deal with the pain. I love to cook so I am itching to be able to cut and prepare ingredients without nerve pain. 

Tell us about your future plans for Lowkey Burritos in Long Beach? 

Matt : Starting in August I’m trying to settle us into new “staple” spots in Long Beach so people can get used to the schedule again. We will be at Wine Country in Signal Hill on Friday, Black Ring Coffee in North LB on Saturday, and Pops Java in downtown LB on Sundays until we post otherwise. I’ll continue having the stand doing pop ups and festivals for now. I’m hoping Lord Windsors reopening goes smoothly and soon. I would love to work with them again. Almost 4 years in I feel like its about time to settle into a brick and mortar location.

Tell us about your personal life goals? 

Matt : I have 4 kids now and I want to spend as much time as I can with them until they go off on their own. For myself I would like to continue to refine and enhance my cooking skills so I can bring some awesome food experiences to the communities that have supported us. I know I’m capable of so much more and I let some of the creativity out in our rotating specials every weekend. I still want the burritos to live on how they’ve been but I feel like my time as the one and only main lead of Lowkey is coming to its end. 

Are you planning to introduce new food items to expand the Lowkey Menu? 

Matt : For now I wouldnt expand Lowkey’s menu at the pop up in order to keep in simple. 

In the future depending on the type of space when we finally settle in , at that point I would be able to decide the many different avenues Lowkey can take to expand the overall experience. I haven’t gotten the financial backing needed for a brick and mortar just yet but I have set my focus on making sure it opens up so I can separate myself from Lowkey and see it continue to thrive even if I’m just in the background sometimes. 

Matt we thank you for this interview, what are your final words for our readers in California and Worldwide? 

Matt : I’m so thankful for everyone who has come to support me and I want to make sure we can continue to serve the burritos everyone likes so much. Big thank you to Lavish Life for sharing my story.

By Lavish Life Publication Editorial Team

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