Jewels in Pantone’s Color of the Yr 2023, Viva Magenta

Pantone’s colour of the year 2023, Viva Magenta, is an exuberant hybrid shade of crimson, purple and pink that brims with vim and vigour. Here, we’ve picked the best jewels that capture the qualities associated with Viva Magenta – that of joy, optimism, dynamism and strength.

The most beautiful Viva Magenta jewels we love

Art Direction LEE KUAN LENG

Perfectly matched rubies take the spotlight on these Graff Tribal Collection earrings from Three Graces in Paradise, the fourth instalment of the Graffabulous high jewellery line. Set in white gold and platinum with a unique semilune silhouette, the graduated round rubies totalling 13.28 carats contrast beautifully against 4.45 carats of diamonds to seduce any beholder.

This flamboyant flamingo is one of four nature-inspired high jewellery brooches in the second chapter of the maison’s Beautés du Monde collection. The interpretation remains faithful to the original inspiration, thanks to the virtuosity of Cartier’s savoir-faire that artfully reveals new facets of beauty through the design and interplay of stones. Festooned with diamonds on its neck and chest, the rose gold bird flaunts a yellow diamond eye, an onyx accent on its beak, as well as carved rubellites for its feathers, which are accentuated by graceful curved lines of diamonds and pink sapphires.

viva magenta jewels

The breathtaking beauty of the Amalfi Coast in the Mediterranean is captured in the extraordinary platinum Bougainvillea necklace from the American jeweller’s latest Majestic Escapes high jewellery collection. Eight magnificent emerald-cut rubellites are arranged to depict the rich pink petals of the piece’s namesake flower that grows throughout the region, while turquoise and Paraiba tourmalines evoke the pristine blue waters.

viva magenta jewels

Dior Jewelry creative director Victoire de Castellane continues to celebrate the house’s patrimony by applying haute couture principles to jewellery. For the latest 77-piece high jewellery collection Dior Dearest, she presents a new interpretation of the subtlety of lace. One extraordinary specimen from the line is this pink gold brooch featuring alluring rubies. The mounts are so delicate that they seem to disappear, allowing the crimson stunners to reveal their shimmering tones to echo the look of refined guipure.

viva magenta jewels

From the astounding high jewellery collection, Bulgari Eden: The Garden of Wonders, this visually arresting necklace showcases the house’s unrivalled savoir-faire and vivacious take on feminine grace. The yellow gold masterpiece highlights the splendour of a phenomenal 9.13-carat oval rubellite by accentuating its beauty with an arresting geometric motif comprising overlapping scallops of 290 buff-top amethysts, 150 buff-top rubies, pavé diamonds and curved mother-of pearl inserts.

A Boucheron aquamarine and diamond double clip brooch gifted to Queen Elizabeth II by her family for her 18th birthday is the inspiration for the maison’s latest high jewellery collection – Histoire de Style, Like a Queen. The unisex line comprises 18 variations that reflect the ease with which the original piece was worn throughout the queen’s reign, since the two clips could be attached in various ways and worn singly or together. Pictured here is the Mega Pink white gold brooch paved with tourmalines and diamonds. Cut into cabochons and baguettes, the vibrant pink stones are highlighted by channel-set diamonds, while pink lacquer elements heighten their intensity.

Source: Prestige Online

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