Review: Eatology Delivers Healthy, Curated Meals Straight to Your Door

You’ll hear this from every fitness guru about: Abs are made in the kitchen. However, grocery shopping and meal prepping can be more time-consuming that one imagines. Throw in the current panic buying situation in supermarkets, and, well — let’s just leave our meals to the experts at Eatology, shall we? 

Founded in 2015, Eatology is a meal planning service that offers science-backed menus that are practical, sustainable and, more importantly, delicious. The team works with specialists that include dieticians and award-winning chefs to create recipes that suit whatever goal it is you have, be it weight loss, energy boosting or simply eating healthier.  

“There is no such thing as a one size fits all solution for one’s health needs. That’s why we provide an array of options customized to our client’s individual needs and personal goals. Whether you seek to lose weight, manage pre-existing health conditions, or build muscle, our comprehensive diet assessment plan will provide you with the exact foods you need to kickstart your goals,” said Debbie Ho, Nutritionist at Eatology. 

Eatology: The meal plans 

Be it vegetarian, ketogenic or even gluten-free, there’s a plan that suits almost everyone. Your meals can even be tailored to suit your daily intake ranging from between 1,200 to 2,200 calories.  

Executive Chef Vincent Leroux / Eatology

Led by Executive Chef Vincent Leroux who joined the Eatology team last year as Culinary Director, the brand’s cooking philosophy revolves around using fresh and organic ingredients to create the most considered meals.  

Complimentary delivery is available to locations in Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, with flexible timings available throughout the day. The meals arrive housed in biodegradable packaging for a guilt-free experience, along with a sheet that details a breakdown of each meal and its calories and nutritional value.  

House-made smoked salmon / Eatology

The experience 

I’ve been on a fat-loss workout programme with my personal trainer for a few weeks now, so this plan came at just the right time for me to eat in peace without thinking too much about my macros. I opted for the Ketogenic light menu — a modified version of the traditional keto diet — at 1,200 calories as I knew I’d also be snacking most of the day.  

The one downside of the plan I chose was that I did not get much variety in terms of breakfast. During my three-day plan, I received an omelette-based dish every morning and although it tasted delicious, it did feel quite repetitive.  

Lunch and dinner, on the other hand, were fantastic. On the first day, I had a delightful Thai-style duck breast with asparagus for lunch and roasted chicken with Alfredo style Konjac noodles — a delicious, low-carb alternative. Day two and three were equally impressive with cuisines that span French, Mediterranean and Asian. My favourite dish was a delightful beef brisket konjac noodle dish; I still daydream about the rich, herb-enhanced broth. So moreish.  

Thai-styled shrimp / Eatology

The verdict 

Personally, I enjoy eating out too much to commit to a meal plan long-term, however I will say that if there should come an event that I would want to trim up for (remember weddings and concerts, people?), getting a package for a week or two would absolutely be on the agenda. The whole process is no-fuss and the food frankly delicious. So, would I do it again? Absolutely — but I’d probably opt for the Mediterranean or Asian menu next time to switch it up a little.  

Source: Prestige Online

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