Taylor Swift: Eras Tour live performance movie is getting a worldwide launch this October

Swifties, It’s time to rejoice! Even if you didn’t score tickets to catch Taylor Swift perform live at her Eras Tour concerts, you can still watch her onstage in full HD. Get ready, because Taylor Swift is bringing the Eras Tour concert film to a theatre near you! Mark your calendars for October 13 (or November 3, in some areas).

AMC is working hard to ensure that Swifties from all across the world see the film. They are in discussions with exhibitors representing over 7,500 cinema theatres worldwide to screen the film. In Europe, you can catch it at all Odeon locations, and in the US and Canada, it’s set to play in more than 4,000 locations. What about in Asia? The specifics have yet to be revealed.

This film, directed by Sam Wrench and produced by Taylor Swift Productions, captures the beauty of Taylor’s three nights of performances at California’s SoFi stadium in August. It’s 165 minutes long, so it probably won’t cover every song from the tour, but we’re still in for a treat.

What are the predictions for the Eras Tour concert film?

Let’s get down to business. The Eras Tour concert movie is projected to make a tremendous box office debut, with some industry sources predicting a staggering $100 million or more in its first weekend in the United States. And that’s only the start! The picture might continue to be shown for weeks or even months, earning who knows how many millions more.

As per Puck, the streaming rights are still up for grabs, but you can guarantee that top platforms are eager to be the sole home of this record-breaking concert film. AMC has already broken a record with $26 million in first-day ticket sales, surpassing Spider-Man: No Way Home. It had such an influence that The Exorcist‘s release date was pushed back to avoid a clash. It’s a giant movie that no one wants to compete with.

Taylor might earn even more money by selling the film’s rights after grossing millions in theatres. This is going to be a cash cow, whether it’s digital downloads, DVDs, or streaming.

The movie is set to be the highest-grossing concert film ever. Surpassing Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert ($65.2M in 2008), Justin Bieber: Never Say Never ($73M in 2011) and Michael Jackson’s documentary/ musical This Is It ($72M in 2009) in the US.

If you’re wondering how Swift managed to make the film happen despite the SAG-AFTRA strike, the answer is simple: she agreed to the terms. She was able to carry through with her production despite the strike by aligning herself with the needs and requirements of the actors’ union.

Release dates in Asian countries

Starting from October 13, fans in countries like Japan, the Maldives, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Thailand will get to experience the magic of Taylor’s tour on the big screen.

But don’t worry if you’re not in that first batch because from November 3, the excitement continues in Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Macau, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Check out the full list here.

Hello, Hong Kong fans! Get ready for a cinematic treat. The Eras Tour concert film will be lighting up screens across the city. GH Cinemas has got you covered with screenings in IMAX and the stunning 4K 2D ATMOS versions. Broadway Circuit is also in on the action with limited screenings in both IMAX and 2D screens. And if that’s not enough, MCL Cinemas is offering IMAX, 4K Dolby ATMOS, and 4K 2D versions for your viewing pleasure.

For fans worldwide, watching this film in theatres is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It’s also an opportunity to live one of the best nights of your Swiftie life. Especially if you didn’t get those coveted Eras Tour tickets. And you can bet that fans will dress up and wear friendship bracelets to celebrate with one another.

So save the date for October 13 (or November 3), because Taylor Swift is about to take you on an incredible trip with her Eras Tour! Will there be another great ‘ticket’ war? We don’t know yet, but tickets are already selling fast in Singapore so we’d suggest you book yours, stat.

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