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WME Signs Sound of Freedom Director Alejandro Monteverde

WME Signs Sound of Freedom Director Alejandro Monteverde

Alejandro Monteverde — the director of the 2023 box office success Sound of Freedom — has signed with WME.

The Mexican filmmaker was behind the movie that starred Jim Caviezel and was inspired by the life of Tim Ballard, a Homeland Security agent who embarked on his own quest to bring child traffickers to justice. The movie earned $184 million domestically and another $66 million overseas on a budget of only $15 million, beating out major Hollywood productions at the summer 2023 box office. Before signing with WME, Monteverde was repped by CAA.

Monteverde began his feature directing career with 2006 romantic drama Bella and followed this with Emily Watson starter Little Boy. Most recently, Monteverde directed Cabrini, revolving around a female Catholic missionary in New York in the late 19th century. The film grossed a respectable $19.5 million after its March 2024 release.

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Monteverde signed a rich deal with Angel Studios, the independent outfit behind Sound of Freedom and Cabrini. Under the pact, the filmmaker will direct five features for the faith-based operation over ten years.

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