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5 AI Tech Wearables You Can Really Purchase Proper Now

5 AI Tech Wearables You Can Really Purchase Proper Now

These are some of the wearable AI tech that you can buy right now.

Buzzwords come part and parcel in every working industry, but nowhere are they more prevalent than in tech, where talk of IoT, wearable devices, and artificial intelligence (AI), has engulfed common discourse across the field. The latter is especially noteworthy given its exponential advancement in less than five years, going from a nascent novelty to a potential reckoning force that could alter the course of human history.

Despite how recent commercial applications of artificial intelligence have only begun to emerge in recent memory, the fact stands that the field of study has existed as far back as the 1950s when computers crossed an invisible threshold that granted them the ability to store and process more information than their predecessors (or indeed, creators) could ever before.

This was bolstered by a philosophical perspective driven by proponents such as renowned English mathematician, computer scientist, and philosopher Alan Turing, who theorised the potential of humankind to create conscious, sentient machines. In one of his seminal works, Computing Machinery and Intelligence, Turing posited the likelihood of machines being capable of rational thinking by processing information as their creators do.

Granted, given the limited capabilities of computer technology during the 1950s, much of that remained theoretical. But that is far from the case now, where artificial intelligence has evolved from a mere flight of fancy to a discipline of emergent technology that has found its way into an increasing number of facets of daily life. Whether checking the temperature with your smartphone’s digital assistant or relying upon a digital A.I chatbot service to whittle mundane tasks, there’s no denying the long shadow it casts.

Consumer technology is also making headway in this regard, wasting no time incorporating A.I functions into a slew of their latest devices in a bid to appeal to interest and demand within this niche. But while smartphones continue to be the name of the game as indicated by Samsung’s latest S24 lineup, what has proven to be most interesting is the rise of A.I-enabled wearable devices.

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Typically lacking visible screens, a new generation of wearable devices is now hoping to rewrite the principal mode of interaction with technology by reducing the user’s dependence on hardware, focusing instead on user experience and convenience with the help of generative A.I. Need to book a table at your favourite restaurant or phone your neighbour to remind them to feed your cat while you’re away? All you need to do is speak it out loud to your A.I assistant, and consider it done.

If that’s a future you see yourself becoming a part of, then here are five emerging AI wearable devices you should keep your eye out for.

5 AI-enabled wearables you can shop right now

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