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Best Teeth Whitening Strips and Pens 2024: Crest, Moon, Snow, Lumineux

Best Teeth Whitening Strips and Pens 2024: Crest, Moon, Snow, Lumineux

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In addition to having a dream glam team, a stellar stylist and a pro fitness trainer, stars are lucky enough to have immaculately white teeth. While most of these perks cost a pretty penny, sprucing up your smile with the best whitening strips and pens is an easy way to gain A-list confidence.

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Whether you’re new to teeth whitening systems or you’ve given some of the pearly white-makers a test drive, we’ve rounded up some of our faves so you can nail down a routine that works for you. Because let’s be honest: the most expensive option for teeth whitening is multiple rounds of appointments at the dentist, but that’s a whole ordeal. We’d much rather you spend your money on fun vacations this season.

From Alix Earle’s go-to whitening strips to the whitening pen that Kendall Jenner had her hand in perfecting, give these products a spin to get one step closer to a star-worthy grin.



TikTok stars Alix Early and Monet McMichael can’t get enough of Crest 3D Whitestrips, which holds a permanent place on their Amazon wish lists. Coined as the “No. 1 dentist-recommended at-home teeth whitening brand,” Crest’s strips claim to remove over 20 years of stains by using the same hydrogen peroxide whitening ingredient as dentists, including This pack includes 44 teeth whitening strips (22 for your top teeth and 22 for your bottom teeth) to be used over the course of 22 days.


BEST NON-toxic

Lumineux’s non-toxic teeth whitening strips are offered as a seven-day treatment and take pride in the fact that they’re one of the only whitening systems certified as non-toxic and microbiome-safe. Enamel-safe and peroxide-free, active ingredients include coconut oil and citric acid.


best pen for sensitive teeth

Closing out this list with Moon’s teeth whitening pen created in collaboration with none other than Kendall Jenner. Although the reality star is not an owner or investor in this brand, she is officially noted as the co-creator of their teeth whitening pen, focused on a “disruptive design, hand-selected ingredients, and a shared intention to bring more smiles to more faces around the world.” Ingredients include a proprietary antioxidant blend of lavender oil, strawberry fruit extract and honeysuckle flower extract, and active ingredients include propylene glycol, glycerin and urea peroxide.



Zimba’s flavored teeth whitening strips are vegan, enamel safe and boast professional results in 30 minutes. We like that these strips come in a variety of flavors, including blue raspberry, coconut and mint. Active ingredients include hydrogen peroxide and menthol.



See Also

If you’re prone to feeling a slight sting when using whitening strips, Hismile’s PAP+ teeth whitening strips are specifically made for sensitive teeth. Feature the brand’s tried-and-true PAP+ teeth whitening formula (which is peroxide-free), these strips work to effectively remove stains without the pain and sensitivity that may be caused by others. Active ingredients include phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid (PAP), xylitol, potassium citrate and menthol.


best whitening gel refills

Like whitening strips, whitening pens and trays are also a great way to boost your grin. We like Auraglow’s teeth whitening gel syringe pack, which is used in tandem with your own teeth whitening tray. Simply apply a thin line of gel to the tray and wear for 30 minutes for up to 14 days. This dental-grade gel’s active contains 35 percent carbamide peroxide.


best affordable pens

VieBeauti mint-flavored teeth whitening pen comes in a three-pack and is gentle enough to apply twice daily for 30 minutes. Active ingredients include carbamide peroxide, carbopol, propanediol and glycerine.

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