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Cannes, According to… Licensing Executive Glenn Kendrick Ackermann

Cannes, According to… Licensing Executive Glenn Kendrick Ackermann

Licensing executive Glenn Kendrick Ackermann, the founder and CEO of V International Media, knows Cannes well.

And he says that despite industry changes and new technologies he still loves the “huddled-together experience” of the theatrical experience.

Ackermann shared with THR some tips and tricks for Cannes, including what to avoid during the annual film festival and his personal guilty pleasure.

Best bargain in Cannes?
Monday flea market.

Favorite meal in Cannes?
Al Charq.

Most overrated restaurant?
I think the usual suspects all have their own enjoyable/expensive idiosyncrasies.

Biggest Cannes faux pas?
Not appreciating the unique craziness.

Best place to grab a drink after 3 a.m.?
Unfortunately, I am in bed these days by that time. I hear that Silencio is fun. I do remember La Chunga from days gone by.

Place to avoid during the festival?
Walking down the Croisette when late to a meeting.

Your “only in Cannes” moment?
Helkon party with yacht feeling close to capsizing.

Biggest Cannes pet peeve?
Slow elevators.

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Cannes guilty pleasure?
Steak tartare and rosé for lunch, time permitting.

Strangest request you’ve ever received in Cannes? 
A very early morning swimming race from one of the beach clubs with an Australian buyer — “just out to that yacht out there and back.”

One thing you won’t travel without, besides your phone?
Phone charger.

How has the past year changed your attitude to theatrical?
I still love the huddled-together experience.

Attitude toward timing/ reporting on standing ovations at premieres? 
If your emotions grab you — just do it.

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