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Cannes, According to … Protagonist Pictures Buyer Alice Vail

Cannes, According to … Protagonist Pictures Buyer Alice Vail

The Cannes Film Festival not only means much choice in terms of films, but also in terms of where to go, what to do and what not to do on and around the famed Croisette.

Alice Vail, director of acquisitions and development at Protagonist Pictures, has experience and insight from past visits.

Before coming to Cannes for the 2024 edition of the film fest, she shared some tips, tricks, and stories with THR

Best bargain in Cannes?
Anything at Monoprix — it’s the best supermarket ever!

Favorite meal in Cannes?
The tuna tartare at Pastis.

Most overrated restaurant?
I’ll never tell! Can’t risk being banned!

Biggest Cannes faux pas?
Falling asleep in a screening room — we all do it, but we all know we shouldn’t!

Best place to grab a drink after 3 a.m.?
Definitely the Silencio.

Place to avoid during the festival?
Definitely the Silencio after 3 a.m.

Your “only in Cannes” moment?
Drinking rosé at 1 p.m. and it being socially acceptable.

Biggest Cannes pet peeve?
Having people who never talk to you the rest of the year reaching out to get invites to the party. 

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Cannes guilty pleasure?
Ice cream at Vilfeu. 

Strangest request you’ve ever received in Cannes?
Nothing is ever strange in Cannes — complete suspension of disbelief is in order.

How has the past year changed your attitude toward theatrical?
I still love the big-screen experience. It remains my favorite way to discover a movie, and Cannes is always a great reminder of that magical moment when you sit in the dark and share a film with a room full of film lovers.

Attitude toward timing/reporting on standing ovations at premieres?
When you love a film and stand up to show your enthusiasm, who’s counting?

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