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Edeniste’s Fine Fragrances

Edeniste’s Fine Fragrances

Edeniste’s Fine Fragrances

Perfumes are responding to the needs of an era as well as your amygdala and dorsolateral prefrontal cortex.

Fragrances improve our emotional well-being. We react to them emotionally. So indulge in some “Emotional Regulation Therapy”, and find happiness. It smells of musk and mango and has been created by the daughter of a nuclear scientist.

Using the Edeniste range is like going to a psychologist and a make-up artist at the same time. It’s like having leading experts in olfaction and neuroscience and authorities on skin conductance and electro-epidermal activity behind your ears and playing with your pulse points.

Edeniste’s fine fragrances what have been tested physiologically and proven to improve emotional well-being. You experience aesthetic pleasure but you internal state benefits. The scents “rebalance our internal mood through both conscious and unconscious pathways.”

Edeniste offers seven uni-gender active Eau de Parfums which will regulate stress and cortisol levels. Containing a patented olfactive accord “Destress” proven to have a regulating impact on mood Edeniste will be the first perfume to offer a “psycho-physiological effect” 

All photos courtesy of Edeniste

“We have singled out olfactive molecules that have a proven impact on an individual’s olfactory pathways and limbic system,” says founder Audrey Semarano. 

“They are supported by 35+ years of research, with world-renowned perfumers and the Japanese fragrance house Takasago.” 

“Consumer desires are shifting from material indulgences to functional products. It is a paradigm shift from ‘we’ consumers to the ‘me’ consumer who wants to be empowered through a connection to their inner world and the one around them in their own way,” adds Audrey whose mother was a model for Nina Ricci and father a nuclear scientist. 

Audrey grew up near Grasse in Saint-Paul-de-Vence. “My aspiration has always been to bring emotional well-being to people. Edeniste is a total sensorial experience, from the emotional response delivered by the fragrances and Lifeboost® active essences, to the luxurious look and feel of each sensory-inspired designed flacon. Shaped like two round drops, nature and science, nestles in the palm of your hand in the shape of the number 8, the symbol of infinity. Becoming aware of our inner self and how it balances with our outer self is the foundation for good physical and mental well-being.”

Created by renowned nose Aurelien Guichard, the range includes Néroli Sensuel, Vanille Irresistible, Jasmin Cruel, Vetiver Imaginaire, and Oud Mystique.

The fragrances are part of the two-step olfactory process and combined with the unique active Lifeboost® essences-Happiness, Energy, Dream, well-being, Relax, and Seduction

Adds Audrey: “Edeniste takes us into a garden of positive emotions. Edeniste is not just a collection of scents, but an embodiment of emotion, an invitation to a new philosophy of self-care that can become a way of being”.

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Its name is evocative of Eden, an earthly paradise in which nature is at its most pristine and abundant, coexisting in harmony and simplicity with humanity and is completed by the suffix ‘-ist’, which is also a nod to the ‘scientist’ in the study of emotions and the ‘artist’, drawing on perfumers’ sensitive creativity.”

Edeniste is at the forefront of a new generation of active well-being fragrances that stimulate feelings of relaxation, joy, sensuality, and happiness, fostering balance and focus embody new values of mindfulness, reconnection, empowerment (freeing the individual through self-expression), inclusivity (celebrating our differences and authenticity) and sustainability.

Full Edeniste Fragrance Range
Full Edeniste Fragrance Range. Photo courtesy of the brand

Audrey sought out one of the most iconic fragrance bottle designers of our time, Xavier Laplace, to bring her vision to life. The waves of the encephalogram used by Edeniste’s Science Committee to measure the emotions aroused by our scents are brought to life via the unique box design. 

“We believe that feeling good is just as important as smelling good. That’s why we’ve developed a range of therapies and experiences that are designed to help you feel your best, every day. Our approach to therapies is backed by experts in olfaction, breathing, happiness, meditation, and more. We’re committed to offering attainable happiness for everyone, and we’re dedicated to helping you feel better in every way possible.”

The Edeniste Feel Good Program is a permanent and central pillar of our approach to wellbeing. 

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