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Esplanade Fort Myers – Southwest Florida Luxury

Esplanade Fort Myers – Southwest Florida Luxury

Today we have an exciting new highlight on a high-end community in Southwest Florida by one of our partners in the region – Kevin Bartlett & his real estate brokerage – Knowledge Base Real Estate which is an expert in real estate in Southwest Florida and in addition to specializing in Esplanade Fort Myers – his team caters to those looking for Fort Myers Homes for Sale. As many know South Florida (including Miami and Fort Lauderdale) is one of the hottest real estate markets in the United States, with some of the more gorgeous beachfront property in the world. However, a much quieter, less often talked about locale is Southwest Florida. Which ironically has even higher property values in areas like Naples.

Over the last decade, many of Southwest Florida’s cities have been among the top growing in the U.S. including cities like Naples, Fort Myers, and Cape Coral.

Today’s article highlights a high-end community Esplanade Lake Club in Fort Myers.

Courtesy of Esplanade Fort Myers

Esplanade Fort Myers – Southwest Florida Luxury – article outline:

Ever wonder what it’s like to bask in the epitome of luxury in Southwest Florida? Esplanade Lake Club in Fort Myers is where opulence meets the tranquil vibes of coastal living – all in an entirely gated community that boasts on-site boating with its large lake. Esplanade is a unique community in Fort Myers and features exclusive amenities. It’s not just about upscale living; it’s a statement—a testament to the high life that awaits retirees and successful young professionals alike.

Esplanade Lake Club Overview and Appeal

Courtesy of Esplanade Fort Myers
Courtesy of Esplanade Fort Myers

Scenic Waterfront

Esplanade Lake Club offers a waterfront lifestyle that is both serene and picturesque. With homes set along its lake shoreline, residents wake to the gentle sounds of water lapping at the edge. Sunsets paint the sky with vibrant colors reflected on the lake’s surface. Many of the homes in Esplanade Lakes include docks in the back and homeowners are encouraged to keep their boat onsite. Many in Southwest Florida love to go boating, but it can often be a hassle (even if on the water!). It can take an hour or more to tow your boat out to the many local docks, or the same amount of time navigating the backwaters at below-wake speeds to finally get to the gulf. With Esplanade – your boat is LITERALLY in your backyard and you’re ready to be out on the water for a day of boating and fishing in minutes.

Each day, homeowners enjoy views of sparkling waters and lush landscapes. Boating enthusiasts can take advantage of private docks for easy access to their vessels. Nature lovers find solace on tranquil walking trails by the water’s edge.

Proximity Perks

Living in Esplanade brings you close to Fort Myers’ best offerings:

  • Beaches: White sandy shores are just moments away.
  • Attractions: Explore historic sites or modern shopping destinations.
  • Dining: Savor seafood caught daily from Gulf waters.

Residents benefit from this ideal location without sacrificing peace within their community walls.

Seagate Development Group and Featured Builders

Quality Craftsmanship

Seagate Development Group has earned a sterling reputation for creating luxury homes. They focus on quality craftsmanship that stands the test of time. Their projects in Southwest Florida reflect their commitment to excellence.

In Esplanade Fort Myers, each home showcases this dedication. High-end finishes and attention to detail are evident throughout. Buyers can expect nothing less than premium living spaces designed with sophistication.

Collaborative Efforts

Collaboration is key at Esplanade Fort Myers. Seagate partners with some of the top builders in the industry. This partnership results in a diverse range of home options for prospective residents.

By working together, these builders ensure variety without compromising on luxury or style. Homebuyers have multiple designs to choose from, catering to different tastes and needs.

Lazio, Courtesy of Esplanade Fort Myers
Lazio, Courtesy of Esplanade Fort Myers

Personalized Homes

Customization is at the heart of Seagate’s approach. Homeowners can tailor designs according to their preferences. Whether it’s custom cabinetry or unique floor plans, personalization is possible.

This flexibility allows homeowners to create their dream homes within this luxurious community. The result? A place that reflects individual style while providing comfort and elegance.

Exclusive Amenities at Esplanade Lake Club

Fitness Center

At the heart of Esplanade Lake Club, you’ll find a private club boasting a state-of-the-art fitness center. This facility offers residents the chance to keep fit with modern exercise equipment and various fitness classes. Whether it’s weight training or cardio workouts, members can maintain their health routines in style.

The gym is designed to cater to all levels of fitness enthusiasts. From beginners to seasoned athletes, everyone finds something suited to their workout needs. The convenience of having this amenity within walking distance encourages a healthy lifestyle among residents.

Water Access

One of the most exciting features at Esplanade is the kayak and boating access on a vast 352-acre lake. Imagine starting your day with a serene kayak trip or an exhilarating boat ride right from your backyard! This unique offering allows residents to connect with nature and enjoy Southwest Florida’s beauty.

The lake provides ample opportunities for water sports lovers too. You can go paddle boarding, fishing, or simply relax on the water any day you choose. It’s like having an endless vacation spot just steps away from home.

Dining Options

Esplanade doesn’t just offer homes; it provides a complete luxury experience including dining options like its full-service Bahama Bar and restaurant exclusively for residents. Here, you can savor delicious meals without ever leaving your community.

This tropical-style poolside bar serves up refreshing drinks alongside mouthwatering cuisine in an ambiance that captures Southwest Florida’s laid-back elegance perfectly.

  • Enjoy casual lunches under the sun.
  • Experience fine dining as evening falls.

Both settings are perfect for socializing with neighbors or relaxing after a long day.

Current Homes for Sale in Esplanade Lake Club

Courtesy of Esplanade Fort Myers
Courtesy of Esplanade Fort Myers

Move-In Ready

Esplanade Lake Club offers a selection of move-in-ready homes. These properties are designed to cater to those who desire immediate luxury living. With various styles and floor plans, buyers can find the perfect home that suits their needs without waiting for construction.

The homes here feature modern amenities and high-quality finishes. Think spacious kitchens with stainless steel appliances, large master suites, and outdoor spaces ideal for enjoying the Florida sunshine. The convenience of moving into a fully finished home is appealing to many looking for an effortless transition into their new lifestyle.

Courtesy of Esplanade Fort Myers
Courtesy of Esplanade Fort Myers

Waterfront Living

One of the most enticing aspects of Esplanade Lake Club is its waterfront properties. Many listings boast private docks right on the lake, offering direct access to water activities like boating or fishing.

Imagine stepping out your back door onto your own dock, where you can enjoy serene mornings by the water or set sail from your backyard whenever you wish. This level of accessibility is not just luxurious but also adds a unique element to everyday life at Esplanade Lake Club.

Competitive Pricing

Despite being within Southwest Florida’s luxury market segment, Esplanade Lake Club maintains competitive pricing. Prospective homeowners can expect value alongside exclusivity when browsing these listings.

  • Affordability: Compared with similar luxury communities.
  • Investment potential: Due to desirable location and features.

These factors make purchasing a home here not only an investment in quality living but also sound financial decision-making.

The Esplanade Community Lifestyle Experience

Social Activities

The Esplanade offers a vibrant social scene. Residents enjoy a calendar full of events. There are clubs and groups for nearly every interest.

Neighbors become friends at gatherings. From book clubs to cooking classes, there is always something happening. This sense of community is a big draw for many.

Pet-Friendly Spaces

Pets are cherished members here. The community boasts its own dog park. It’s designed for play and socialization among furry residents.

Walking trails welcome dogs too. They provide exercise and enjoyment for pets and owners alike. This inclusivity makes the place feel like home for everyone.

Golf Access

Golf enthusiasts appreciate nearby championship courses. They offer challenges and beauty to players of all levels.

Residents can easily access these greens for leisure or competition purposes. This proximity adds value to the Esplanade lifestyle, making it sought-after by golfers looking for luxury living in Southwest Florida.

Reasons to Choose Esplanade Lake Club as Your Home

Gated Security

Esplanade Lake Club offers gated access. This means safety for you and your family. No unwanted visitors can enter without permission.

You’ll feel at ease, knowing there’s a security system in place. It keeps the area private and secure, day and night.

Investment Value

Property values here tend to go up. The area is growing fast, which is good for investment.

Buying a home in this community could be a smart financial move. Over time, you might see your home’s value increase significantly.

Natural Beauty

The club sits amid stunning nature scenes. Imagine waking up to views of water and greenery every day.

This balance of luxury living with nature is rare. It creates a peaceful environment that feels like an escape from the busy world outside its gates.

Community Feel

Courtesy of Esplanade Fort Myers
Courtesy of Esplanade Fort Myers

There’s a strong sense of community here too. Neighbors become friends at social events organized within the club.

Living in Esplanade isn’t just about having a nice house; it’s about being part of something bigger — where people care for each other and share experiences together.

Upcoming Events and Community Announcements

Social Calendar

Residents of Esplanade Fort Myers enjoy a vibrant lifestyle, thanks in part to the exclusive social calendar. This calendar is packed with events that cater to a variety of interests and provide opportunities for neighbors to connect.

Every month, residents receive updates on upcoming gatherings. These may include gourmet dinners, live music nights, or themed parties at the community clubhouse. For example, last December’s holiday gala featured an ice sculpture display that became the talk of Southwest Florida luxury living circles.

Residents also look forward to seasonal festivities such as summer barbecues by the pool or fall harvest festivals with local produce and crafts. The social committee ensures there’s always something exciting around the corner.

Property Updates

The commitment to excellence at Esplanade Fort Myers extends beyond just events—it includes continuous improvements to properties and amenities. Residents are kept informed about new phase releases which allow them to plan ahead for potential expansions or recommendations for friends considering joining the community.

Recent property enhancements often involve landscaping upgrades or additions of cutting-edge facilities like state-of-the-art fitness centers. Last spring saw the introduction of smart home technologies in several residences, elevating convenience and security for homeowners.

Updates are communicated through various channels ensuring all residents have access to this important information without being overwhelmed by marketing texts not aligned with their needs.

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Community Gatherings

Esplanade Fort Myers isn’t just about individual luxury; it fosters a strong sense of community too. Invitations are regularly sent out for special occasions designed to bring everyone together—be it a charity fundraiser within the neighborhood or an educational workshop led by local experts.

One standout event was last year’s art show where resident artists displayed their work while others enjoyed wine tasting from nearby vineyards—a perfect blend of culture and camaraderie unique among Southwest Florida communities.

These gatherings not only serve as fun get-togethers but also help reinforce neighborly bonds that underpin this thriving community spirit.

Exploring Homeownership Opportunities at Esplanade Lake Club

Buying Process

Buying a home in Esplanade is streamlined and transparent. The process begins with selecting your preferred lot. You can choose from waterfront views or privacy-centric locations. Next, you’ll pick a floor plan that suits your lifestyle. Options range from luxurious single-family homes to elegant villas.

After selection, you’ll engage with sales representatives to discuss financing options. They help align the purchase with your individual income and budgetary needs. This tailored approach ensures that homeownership is accessible and stress-free.

Long-Term Benefits

Investing in Esplanade offers lasting advantages. First, property values tend to appreciate over time, especially in sought-after regions like Southwest Florida. Owning a piece of this luxury community means investing in an asset that may grow financially.

The lifestyle benefits complement the financial ones too. Residents enjoy access to high-end amenities such as a resort-style pool, sports courts, and clubhouses which enhance daily living and community engagement.

Courtesy of Esplanade Fort Myers
Courtesy of Esplanade Fort Myers

Personalized Tours

Prospective buyers can schedule personalized tours of the community. These tours showcase the various home styles available within Esplanade Lake Club:

  • Spacious family residences.
  • Cozy villas are perfect for couples.
  • Exclusive estate homes offering supreme luxury.

During these visits, guests experience first-hand the vibrant atmosphere of the neighborhood—glimpsing into their potential future here among friendly faces and stunning scenery.

Contacting Esplanade Lake Club for More Information

Sales Representatives

To learn more about Esplanade Fort Myers, you can reach out directly to the sales team. They have all the details on this luxury community in Southwest Florida. You can contact them by phone or email. The team is ready to answer your questions, from pricing to amenities.

When reaching out, mention what you’re looking for in a home. This helps the representative provide tailored information. They can guide you through available properties that fit your needs.

Private Appointments

Scheduling a private appointment is easy and convenient. Whether it’s an in-person visit or a virtual presentation, they will accommodate your schedule. During these appointments, expect a comprehensive tour of homes and facilities.

You’ll get an up-close look at the luxurious lifestyle Esplanade offers. These visits are great for experiencing the community vibe firsthand.

Additional Resources

There are many resources if you need more info before making contact:

  • Visit their website.
  • Check online reviews.
  • Look at community forums.
  • Read testimonials from residents.

These sources give insights into living at Esplanade Fort Myers from different perspectives.


In the heart of Southwest Florida, Esplanade Lake Club emerges as a beacon of luxury living, where the sparkle of lakes meets the comfort of upscale homes. You’ve seen the allure of its amenities and the craftsmanship of Seagate Development Group and other builders. Picture yourself diving into a lifestyle where every day feels like a resort getaway, with exclusive events and opportunities that cater to your love for sophistication and community spirit.

Courtesy of Esplanade Fort Myers
Courtesy of Esplanade Fort Myers

Ready to turn this vision into reality? Don’t just dream about a life filled with sunset cruises and golf weekends; take action. Reach out to Esplanade Lake Club today and step closer to crafting your own slice of paradise. Make your move—your future home awaits.

Esplanade Lake Club – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Esplanade Lake Club?

Esplanade Lake Club is a luxury waterfront community in Fort Myers, Southwest Florida, offering residents exclusive amenities and a variety of home designs. It

Who are the builders at Esplanade Lake Club?

Seagate Development Group and other featured builders are responsible for crafting the luxurious homes within Esplanade Lake Club.

Can I expect luxury amenities at Esplanade Lake Club?

Absolutely! The club offers top-tier amenities including resort-style pools, sports courts, fitness centers, and water access for boating enthusiasts.

Are there currently homes for sale in Esplanade Lake Club?

Yes, there’s a selection of beautiful homes available. For up-to-date listings, it’s best to contact their sales office directly.

What lifestyle can I expect living in the Esplanade community?

Living here means embracing an active and social lifestyle with endless opportunities for relaxation and recreation right at your doorstep.

Why should I consider moving to Esplanade Lake Club?

Choose it for its blend of luxury living, prime location in Southwest Florida, extensive amenities, and vibrant community life.

How can I learn more about upcoming events at Esplanade Lake Club?

To stay informed on upcoming events and announcements within the community visit their website or get in touch with their management team.

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