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Eva Longoria on Why She’s Selective Over Who She Works With

Eva Longoria on Why She’s Selective Over Who She Works With

Eva Longoria is putting a lot of thought into who she surrounds herself with in movies and TV shows.

The actress-filmmaker recently admitted to People magazine that she only wants “to work with people I love,” naming friends and fellow actresses Kerry Washington and Gabrielle Union as an example.

“Life’s too short to work with assholes, and I’d much rather be surrounded by people I love, and creatives that I respect,” Longoria continued, adding that she uses “reverse engineering” to decide what to work on next.

The Flamin’ Hot star and director explained that before she even seeks out new projects, she considers who she wants to collaborate with first and later finds something that everyone can agree on.

“It’s the people and their vision and what they bring to it more than the actual project” that makes her want to be on set,” Longoria said.

The Searching for Spain host even has a list of actors, directors and producers she hopes to work with one day in the future. “Édgar Ramírez, I want to work with so bad,” she noted.

Longoria also broke down her creative process to People, explaining that she will “develop projects around” the idea of who she would love to collaborate with, and then eventually they will get the opportunity to team up.

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“Like, ‘Okay, if I want to work with Carmen Maura, what would be a good vehicle for that?’” she said.

Washington and Union are among those Longoria has upcoming projects with, including workplace comedy 24-7 with the Scandal star and an unnamed LGBTQ wedding comedy with the Being Mary Jane actress.

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