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Every Single Porsche Cayenne, Ranked

Every Single Porsche Cayenne, Ranked

Back in the late 1990s, people thought the most controversial thing that Porsche could possibly do was ditch air cooling for water cooling in its sports cars. Sure, that was a big deal,  and people were, shall we say, uncharitable towards those first water-cooled cars but the Porschephiles with their torches and pitchforks were in for a bigger surprise the following decade when, in 2003, Porsche debuted an SUV called the Cayenne.

The Cayenne was initially derided as an overpriced Volkswagen Touareg and merely a way to stabilize Porsche’s finances after an uncertain number of years, but, over two decades after its introduction, it’s become way more than that. It has a real claim to being one of the greatest SUVs ever made, and, these days, it’s genuinely a Porsche through and through. Not all Cayennes were created equally, though, with teething issues especially in the beginnings. What follows is a ranking of Cayennes, from worst to best. 

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