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Every Star Wars Movie and TV Show, in Release Order

Every Star Wars Movie and TV Show, in Release Order

From big to small screen and back to the big screen again, Star Wars remains one of the world’s largest entertainment franchises.

Initially known for theatrically released blockbusters for the first two decades of its existence (despite dipping its toe in TV, occasionally), the George Lucas space-opera finally succumbed to television properly in the Noughties with animated series The Clone Wars.

Since Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm in 2012, Star Wars has gone back and forth on both mediums on a regular basis (perhaps too regular for some). Regardless, the number of productions is impressive, most impressive.

Pegged to the newest addition in the franchise canon with Disney+’s The Acolyte, here are all the Star Wars movies and television shows in release order.

This story originally posted in February 2024 and will be updated with each release.

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