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Everything to Know About Disney Remake

Everything to Know About Disney Remake

It’s been 22 years since Disney’s Lilo & Stitch first hit theaters and, to this day, it remains a beloved classic for children and adults alike.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that the company would be remaking the Hawaii-centric film into a live-action/CG hybrid in October 2018, which was initially delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, it’s been a long road to get the film made, which finally wrapped production earlier this year.

Mike Van Waes wrote the first screenplay for the live-action film, but Chris Kekaniokalani Bright took over and rewrote the script before filming began. Jon M. Chu was originally in talks to direct Lilo & Stitch but couldn’t due to other obligations, so Dean Fleischer Camp ended up helming the project.

The remake began picking up steam in July 2022 but was delayed by several events. First, production was shut down after a fire broke out in a trailer on set, which sparked an arson investigation to discover the cause. Once that was solved, the film began production again in April 2023 when the rest of the cast was announced. But it was shut down again in May 2023 following the start of the writers strike and remained so as the actors strike kicked off a couple of months later.

After Sydney Elizebeth Adugong was cast as Nani, Lilo’s (newcomer Maia Kealoha) sister, the filmmakers were accused of colorism for choosing an actress whose skin was lighter than Nani’s in the 2002 film. Originally, Kahiau Machado was set to portray David Kawena, Nani’s love interest and Lilo’s friend. But after his use of racial slurs was uncovered on social media, the role was recast, with Kaipot Dudoit taking on the part instead.

Despite its several hurdles, the film wrapped production earlier this year and is expected to be released on Disney+ sometime this year. So, break out the Elvis Presley records and read on for everything there is to know about Lilo & Stitch so far.

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