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Exclusive Interview With Iconic Bulgarian Photographer Victoria Sirakova in Los Angeles

Exclusive Interview With Iconic Bulgarian Photographer Victoria Sirakova in Los Angeles

Victoria Sirakova has swiftly ascended as a prominent figure in Los Angeles, capturing the attention of Hollywood’s elite and A-list stars. Born in Bulgarian and raised in the quaint village of Startsevo, nestled in the Zlatograd municipality near the Greek border, Victoria’s childhood backdrop was the breathtaking landscapes and the rich tapestry of history dating back to the Ottoman Empire. The region’s stunning vistas and ancient Ottoman-era architecture deeply influenced her early years.

From the age of 10, Victoria harbored grand dreams of an American life intertwined with Hollywood’s glitz. Initially indifferent to photography, she felt a compelling draw to the field, sensing it was her destined path. At 15, a serendipitous encounter with a National Geographic documentary on its photographers ignited her passion. This episode not only provided direction but also sowed the seeds of her future career.

Starting her journey , she collaborated with local musicians and began working with a famous pop folk singer named Galena in Bulgaria as her personal photographer for four years. Yet, her aspirations stretched far beyond her immediate environment. Her relentless ambition and clear vision propelled her towards her ultimate goal: a career in Hollywood. Victoria shared with Lavish Life magazine that her path to success was paved with 17 years of unwavering hard work and dedication. Grateful for her husband’s steadfast support—her partner who believed in her dreams from their very beginning—she eventually made her way to Los Angeles.

In 2023, Victoria’s career reached new heights through partnerships with renowned platforms such as Getty Images, Vanity Fair, and Grazia, and direct collaborations with celebrities like Akon. The same year also marked her debut on a Hollywood billboard, quickly followed by another prominent display in Times Square in September with “ The Model Experience “ . These projects notably enhanced her visibility, linking her with major figures in the music industry and securing her role as a personal photographer to various celebrities.

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Victoria’s significant breakthrough came when she was discovered by Christine Chiu, the philanthropist and producer/star of Netflix’s reality TV series ‘Bling Empire’. Their collaboration extended over a year, further cementing Victoria’s reputation in the industry. Now, just three years into her American career, Victoria boasts an impressive portfolio featuring Hollywood’s biggest talents and stars such as Kim Kardashian, Dua Lipa, Maluma, Ava Max, Pitbull, Daniel Ezra, Leyla Milani, Lilly Ghalichi, Tyler Cameron, Corey Obrien, and many others. Her story is a vivid embodiment of the American dream—a testament to where passion, ambition, and perseverance can lead.

By Lavish Life Publication Editorial Team

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