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Frank Miller Doc American Genius Reveals Trailer

Frank Miller Doc American Genius Reveals Trailer

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The long-time coming documentary Frank Miller: American Genius is getting a one-night only theatrical showing, announced the film’s distributor Picturehouse, which also unveiled the trailer for the feature.

Set to screen simultaneously in Cinemark theaters nationwide on Monday, June 10, the event will feature a live introduction with Miller, moderated by actress Rosario Dawson, and all ticket holders will receive an exclusive custom collectible. It will take place in Los Angeles at the Cinemark Playa Vista at 5 PM PST and will be live-streamed to all other theaters across the country.

Miller’s home base of New York gets its own screening event, being billed as a sneak preview, which will take place June 6 at the Angelika Film Center in New York City. It, too, will feature a live introduction with Miller, moderated by author Neil Gaiman. And yes, all ticket holders will receive that exclusive custom collectible at that showing as well.

American Genius explores the near half-century career of Miller, the legendary comic book artist and writer behind such landmark works as The Dark Knight Returns, Sin City, and 300, and wrote and drew key comics featuring Batman, Daredevil and Wolverine in stories that defined the characters for decades across several mediums.

The documentary features interviews and cameos from his admirers, students, and collaborators, ranging from Neal Adams, Robert Rodriguez, Jessica Alba to Jim Lee, Zack Snyder, Stan Lee. The film was produced, written and directed by Miller’s longtime associate Silenn Thomas via the duo’s Frank Miller Ink company.

“Long overdue, this film will surprise and delight Frank Miller fans with its intimate and personal portrait, and all audiences will discover the American treasure that is Frank Miller,” said Picturehouse’ Bob Berney in a statement. “Silenn has delivered a beautiful theatrical experience and Picturehouse is very proud to make it an event.”

Made for his fans following a near-death experience, the documentary delves into Miller’s radical and defining influence on art, storytelling and culture. It follows his small-town beginnings in Vermont to New York City, Hollywood, and beyond. Picturehouse promises an intimate documentary that delves into his failures, successes, self-destruction and re-discovery.  

In an expansive director’s note, Thomas wrote, “The genesis of the documentary came from various sources and fans urging us to document this great American genius who had recently survived a near-death experience. As we started this process, Miller had just begun his recovery. He had a clear lust for life, a desire to reclaim years of ‘wasted time’ and further his artistic identity. Before the pandemic, Miller had returned to traveling and working on a range of new projects. The further we followed him through this journey, the more we uncovered the craft of comic book making. It was and continues to be a world inspired by women, artists, writers, craftsmen, and a global group of eager and astute fans. This movie is for them; to become a part of, and further explore, the inner workings of their idol and sensei, Frank Miller.

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For the New York event, ticket and information can be found here:–exclusive-custom-collectible

Check out the trailer below.

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